Thursday, September 11, 2008

Prediction, The Black Swan and 9/11

Minorities set to be US majority -White people of European descent will no longer make up a majority of the US population by the year 2042 - eight years sooner than previous estimates.
Bush resolute in face of Iraq death toll -President vows to make sure American lives not 'lost in vain'
All US adults could be overweight in 40 years
Fanny Mae unveils loss of $2.3 billion - Problems in the US housing market have pushed mortgage finance company Fannie Mae into the red.

All of these headlines reveal the fraud of prediction. Why do people predict? Why do people think they can predict? To feel better about the future and because they are arrogant about what they think they know. Today being the anniversary of one of the most unpredictable events in history and with a tip of the hat to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable (the first chapter can be found here), I'm gonna take a look today at the fallacy of prediction, one of the all-time greatest frauds perpetrated on humanity. If you're a stockbroker, political analyst, or in any profession that relies on predicting the future, you might want to stop reading now.

The first thing we need to understand is that what we don't know is far more relevant than what we do know. We live in a world that is less understandable, explainable and therefore predictable than we think it is, the illusion of understanding. This problem is amplified by the retrospective distortion of past events; history appears more organized in history books than reality. We tend to concoct explanations for events after the fact, making them appear more predictable than they really are. Kirkegaard told us, history runs forward but is seen backward. Finally, according to NNT, (Nassim Nicholas Talim, the author of the Black Swan from here on) we tend to "Platonify", deifying the scholars, while the experts usually don't know any more than a taxi driver on most subjects. These defects lead to people having blindspots when it comes to seeing the black swan events that could happen. A black swan, or fat tail, is a large-impact, hard-to-predict and rare event beyond the realm of normal expectations. The 9/11 commission demonstrates all three of these problems. It's mandate was to provide a full and complete accounting of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 and give recommendations as to how to prevent such attacks in the future. Unfortunately a black swan's very unexpectedness creates the conditions for it to occur.

While much of the world can be analyzed and predicted statistically with reasonable accuracy, this type of analysis is useless outside of this realm. NNT insists on separating the world of uncertainties into two "worlds": Mediocristan and Extremistan. Basically a distinction needs to be made between scalable and non-scalable types of randomness. Mediocristan is where classic measures of statistics are relevant, particularly the Gaussian bell-curve. This includes measurements that are in a way pulled down by "gravity", where extreme outliers are impossible, things such as people's height and weight. However, in Extremistan measurement tools such as bell-curves are dangerous, where extreme outliers are not only possible, but defining, such as in the stock market, people's wealth and body counts in wars.

A little math, Gaussian style, the vaunted bell-curve you may remember from a boring stats class you once took, it looks something like this:Now this little tool can help you measure the probability of certain events occurring, the one above shows the distribution of IQ scores. With a large enough sample one can predict with different confidence levels the probability of different occurrences. Normal distribution, ie. the bell-curve or Gaussian distribution, uses the central limit theorem to give us averages or means and standard deviation to measure variability. A beautiful thing when applied to astronomical data as Gauss first did or maybe the birth weight of chimpanzees. Most observations hover around the middle while the odds of a deviation decline exponentially faster as you move away from the average. The problem begins with the application to Extremistan, and what NNT terms the Ludic fallacy, "the misuse of games to model real-life situations". Some assume that the unexpected can be predicted by extrapolating from variations in statistics based on past observations, ie. causal determinism. To the detriment of the world Gaussian thinking has been applied to many areas of Extremistan.

The failure of the bell-curve is best demonstrated by an example in a review from all places, the Wall Street Journal:
If 100 random people gather in a room and the world's tallest man walks in, the average height doesn't change much. But if Bill Gates walks in, the average net worth rises dramatically. Height follows the bell curve in its distribution. Wealth does not: It follows an asymmetric, L-shaped pattern known as a "power law," where most values are below average and a few far above. In the realm of the power law, rare and extreme events dominate the action. Wealth is an Extremistan measure. The last century has seen the rise of economics as a science, where statistical models are used to manage risk. Thus the birth of modern portfolio theory (Merton and Scholes) and monsters such as LTCM (Long-Term Capital Management). In case you missed it, this was a hedge fund that was founded in part by two Nobel laureates, the aforementioned Merton and Scholes, which failed spectacularly in the late 90's. The fund earned outstanding returns for a few years but the methods didn't take the black swan into account and were thus exposed to events like the Russian financial crisis which almost took down the entire financial system. Instead of learning from our mistake, business schools keep pumping out MBAs with the same theory and the same risk, thus the sub-prime meltdown, Bear Sterns, Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, but the government is there to prop them back up, so they'll probably never learn.

The point is you need the right tool for the job. Just as you wouldn't use a hammer to install a window, statistical models are dangerous tools when people blindly follow them. When people start to apply statistics to social sciences greater dangers arise. Adolphe Quetelet tried to use the Gaussian curve to construct the physically and morally average man. His contemporary Karl Marx borrowed on his ideas in Das Kapital to minimize societal deviations in terms of the distribution of wealth. War used to belong to Mediocristan, but with the advent of weapons of mass destruction you now have the possibility of wiping out huge numbers of people with the press of a button, the black swan. There's no use in predicting the next 9/11, worse yet are the methods that have been used in the 'war on terror', as instead of lowering the chances of another such event, everything done so far has acted to increase the odds.

By assuming that rare events won’t happen, banks and others almost always win; but if you lose, you can lose everything. If you've read this post all the way to this point and still don't know what I'm trying to say, go and read the book, it's a good read, and relevant to your life if you've got a bank account, insurance policy or a pension fund. Try as we might, we can't control randomness, the black swan will always exist. It could be caused by a hurricane in New Orleans, a credit crunch or the beating of a butterfly's wings on the other side of the planet, they will happen.


Riley said...

I bet Shane's Math prowess could never have predicted the link content on this page => . Good reading your ideas though! Now dive into mine where I solved Obesity, Cancer and the World Energy Crisis; including revealing new engines that produce "Grapevine Energy" capable of not only solving Global Climate Change but enabling man to control Earth's Climate.

Shane said...

Wow, there's a lot to digest on that page riley, it even scrolls left to right to get more in! I'm afraid my writing ability failed me a bit on this post as I found it hard to describe our blindness to the black swan. I'll say it again, go read the book, it'll open your eyes.

Riley said...

Actually Shane there's a bit of overlap in the page just makes it look bigger. Uhm, read the pdf I wrote about Grapevine Energy. It's only about 4 pages. Then if that tweaks your interest drop to the bottom and pick up the 253k online that has 20 pages (or download to save bandwidth), or the bottom one that's only 3 pages that exposes the television commercials of T. Boone Pickens.

My writings explode a lot of Myths now hammering all of us. They cut through the cr^p.

The picture on askinventor at the top right explains a lot about how a circle-designed engine reaches a superior level over current engines. Point is, Shane, a level of efficiency that does not pollute the planet. I switched over to writing mostly pdf pages back in February. The Internet assigns them a higher Priority, and the information I have presented demanded I go to the trouble.

I am in agreement with you that it's a lot to digest. Not only that, I am more-or-less speaking in tongues a new language, a language of engines that most engineers have some difficulty accepting.

After viewing your webpages, I believe someone of your IQ & ability is up to the challenge. I assure you that you will be heavily recompensed for your reading time. My stuff is not a rehash of anything written before in history... and stands alone amonsgt billions of Internet pages as Must Read Real-Time information.

I deliberately put it out for free. I tell about ways to have all the Energy we could ever use from special combinations of Principles of Physics instead of burning any fuels. For instance, right now I could build a "Home Gravity Wheel" to spin a generator no fuel electricity to power your home and office. I just haven't been able to build any of my engines due to lack of funds. I've been on disability fron an on-the-job accident in 1989.

In 2005 I made an engine that's like timed-release atomic power which with some alterations can produce enough upward force to overcome Earth's gravity for non-combustion flying cars that can leave Earth into very fast space travel.

Yeah, it takes a bit of reading. But you will be greatly blessed in doing it.

Shane said...

Sounds like you've got a black swan on your hands. Your not Australian are you? Will give it a read when I'm a bit more settled, hope you find time to read more of mine so we can spread the word.

Riley said...

Funny you should ask if I am Australian. Actually, they have built several of my engine systems from home-size designs on my website pages since 2003. One is a runabout cart for factory floors that runs on air. The other is a system I projected to get all homes off the Main Power Grid. But instead of making it as I presented it for each individual Home they made one giant one with lots of plants (vegetation) inside, like a gigantic terrarium or something.

It produces enough electricity to keep about 100,000 homes in electric service. It defeated my purpose though. My systems were meant to give homes complete Energy Independence; their "corrupted" system keeps people slaves to a monthly electric bill.

However, I carry no anger for them using my systems because their doing it encouraged me that I had in fact "cracked the egg". They really should have found a way to work with me though, because a few months ago i came up with a new system for putting out fires that would helf them very much.

That is the way it usually happens, Shane, that when people go to so much trouble to not pay me it results in them not receiving a further blessing... Too bad for them, not to mention Californians that at one point recently had 1700 forest fires going at one time.

Que sera sera ba-bee.

Riley said...

I touch on some religious topics that some people not want to believe, and that's OK. I don't require people to jump in water before reading my information. My inventing has been a direct outgrowth from my religious beliefs that in the Beginning God planned a better life for us than breathing pollution and many species of plants and animals dying.

As the 1,000 pound bale hit me and bounced all over me in 1989 a fierce energy went through me, so soon after that at home I suddenly collated together how to get 50% of America's electricity supplied by lightning. A radio station here had me on air and I told them all about it, plus I also saw how to make a spinning device that used gravitational lines of flux to make electricity also. That was a few months in the summer of '89.

I've been through a lot of physical problems though because my doctors did not give me the treatments I needed so I just haven't been able to get anything built. I just get to watch others who do have the money taking my ideas (some "protected" under U.S. Copyright law) and doling them out slowly to the Public, managing always to make them in versions they can soak the Consumer to pay a heavy price to have.

Anyway, for anyone who doesn't care for my religious statements you can still read about my engines. I've already ended any need for Crude Oil long ago.

Riley said...

Shane, the bottom line is that the entire "Energy Crisis" is exactly what people have suspected it was => a fabrication. Americans wringing their hands saying "Oh what oh what are we going to do?" is apparently somebody's running joke wanting to watch the peons run before their fake bull.

It's a sport!

For instance. You could design a refrigerator to where the compressor heat was used to pre-heat hot water for laundry, showers, dish washing and so on. This would tremendously decrease the amount of electricity consumed in all homes. And car engines! They could be designed to run very much COOLER and CLEANER. That would make the engine oil last for 30,000 miles instead of just 3,000. As you can well imagine, such engines would bring the threat of "Peak Oil" to its knees fully exposed as the false fabricated sham it is. Not to mention that a good oil substitute can be made from plantlifes. We simply do not need more crude oil to be drilled.

I personally tend to believe all these fake setup crises are being set up to make the Christian religions all have egg all over their face. The scientific community could be causing these conditions by holding back these simple, simple solutions in order to drive people into caves expecting the return of Christ... just so it wouldn't happen and they would swoop in and release all the arrows in their quiver to take down religion.

Take down religion once and for all for all Time. I'm one of those people who believes the Bible, and that we are living in the "time of the End". But my belief is based on a whole lot more than just world crises.

My "withholding-on-purpose theory" holds water because I have watched the water grow behind the dam ever since 1989 when I first submitted a system to the U.S. Department of Energy, a system for getting electricity from lightning's "magnetic induction wave" that springs off the leading point of contact as the lightning goes down a metal rod or pole. Magnetic induction is a long known STAPLE of electronics. Babies know about it. Clouds act as giant capacitors holding their static charges til the amount of electricity there becomes enough to overcome the resistance posed by air down to the planet, then it discharges (as every other capacitor will do) as a lightning bolt. My system is a capacitance capture system.

So it looks like all my other engines & systems had to be held back on purpose to make Earth's population squirm and pray in their church pews so the spoiler could at some point come "swooping in and save the day" for the purpose of discrediting Christ Jesus and all the religions he caused.

A Plan worthy of the Anti-Christ.

Riley said...

I actually have two car engines. Right now I just concentrate on the one that's like a mechanical heart. It just goes a lot faster and pumps harder. I put valve-like flaps on the piston heads so after it pushes the fluid to drive the "vanes" (like a cupped weather vane) the piston comes back with the flap(s) open allowing the fluid to pass to the other side for another pump of the vanes.

It does some other things but I haven't written about them. As the saying goes, "a good inventor always holds something back". But in my case I want whoever decides to build it they have to ask me what else makes it work.

That way I don't get completely shoved out of the loop as has happened before.

But last year in the Spring I came across copies of Tesla's writings and read them. By nightfall I understood what he had. His plans were for an anti-Gravity craft he claimed could take people across the country without fuel.

He was downplaying the
possibilities. He had a full-
fledged system for Space travel.
So now I have it too, unless he just
jogged me into making something different,
or better.

But I've had so many people make such a determined & successful effort to keep from paying me a smidgeon of royalties that I haven't built up any credibility to get a startup loan. So no one gets any of my inventions. However, the ones I have are so fantastic that's why I can throw out ideas about refrigerators right & left.

Some things just take time.

PeteKJ said...

Riley, glad you touched on the peak oil subject, I've got a post for next week that'll help give another perspective.

Riley said...

I look forward it.

There's a dirty little secret to oil drilling. It increases world drought and fires. I have no idea how many billions of barrels of water they have pumped into the ground to float the remaining oil up out of oil deposits. They're doing more than sticking with the wrong fuel => they're killing people. I would also imagine that by reducing the amount of water in the Earth's Water Cycle they have reduced the cloud cover. That might would decrease "global dimming" afforded by clouds.

They have seriously altered the planet.

The link is on plus a picture of the page also. Like any other company they don't want to lose their good paying jobs, and I can sympathize with that as I've lost many jobs myself. These issues are bigger than jobs. There shouldn't be people holding onto jobs so much people and homes be brought into such dangerous straits.

They have been fighting my "artificial energy" with all these nationwide TV commercials. I can't compete with that. They have people over here screaming to drill more oil. It's like screaming for more Soylent Green. I haven't for a minute imagined I was making an impact or competing. You don't compete with them...

Riley said...

Shane did me a favor anyway. I changed my homepage from the black background to a tile. It's a lot easier to get into now. It's still jammed up with a lot of stuff. A lot of my writings aren't about inventions. I started telling people how prescription drugs causes the Immune System to burn extra oxygen fighting with them.

When that reduced oxygen happens to a teenager (or somebody with a real high IQ) they begin to feel like they're dying. What they are sensing is approaching Brain Death... That's why so many young people & teens taking "the meds" ~psychoactive anti- depressant drugs~ commit suicide.

The meds they had me on caused my motor cortex damage that almost caused my heart to stop beating and lungs to stop working by August 2002. They came real close to finishing me off that year. I had such a lack of muscle stamina in my whole body and my heart muscle that I could barely stand up from the chair.

My work on saving people's lives has had a lot more success than my engines. They finally came around to putting a lot of the meds in black boxes with added warnings, and they've just about stopped their practice of kneejerk ritalin presciptions to children.

I suggested about 3 or so years ago they start coating medicines with nutrition products known to counter whatever adverse side effects each presciption drug might have. They could have stopped the people from being damaged with Vioxx had they listened to me but they couldn't do that. They had to wait a while to allow a time disconnect between me suggesting it and them doing it, to make sure they didn't have to give me credit or pay me.


They play to win here.

Shane said...

Sorry, I was logged in as petekj before. Think he's got a blog too, but it's mine with the oil related post next week. Riley, glad to have at least given you some layout advice, I will work through your page soon. Oil is a dirtier secret than the world could understand:
They're ripping up my home province to tear out as much sludge as they can to refine in a process that consumes triple the natural gas.

Riley said...

People are being sound-byted to death. When they explain why they hafta tear up your land but not theirs they say "it's for the good of the country", which on the surface sounds reasonable. I think it's rather socialist. but what th heck; it was bound to happen the different kinds of gov't would begin to blur together.

You know it isn't right though because "good of the country" is being used synonomous with "the good of our company". So company agenda begins to resonate with gov't agenda. Seems like what we all live under now is company agenda masquerading as "will of the people".

We're going through a new Age of Interchangeable. Whoever can turn a fast phrase that sounds right but is not. Aberration becomes Policy, and if you're standing in the middle of a Minority having your dinky Minority Opinion or Minority Cares, well oomph yours. I've noticed that happening here, that what an individual thinks doesn't mean anything much.

It doesn't help they have started a new language that's destroying language: text messaging shortcut language. Young people are losing what little language skills they had, substituting in the new texting abbreviations.

Anyway, thanks again for spurring me on to change my homepage colors. Also, pay particular attention to how many MILLIONS of Americans are losing electricity in this latest hurricane. The "Millenial Dawn" engine I designed in Feb. 2005 (released on Nov. 14 05) generates excess electricity to power everything on this planet. The misery & suffering continues, and it didn't have to.

Riley said...

Energy traditionally comes from destroying something. Even our own body. when we drink a beer the buzz we feel is brain cells being metabolized (burned up) and the energy released for use. So it took a major Y in the road for me to depart the Energy sled and take a different path. The path I shot off down is to combine several elements together that are holding energy that can be released without a major nuclear process. So I've actually made a new type of Desktop Fusion, fusion of physics principles instead of fusions of matter that explodes.

I found Energy from combining inert stuff that carries opposed energies that triggers each other. Dual catalysts i.e. two-directions catalyst combinations. That's how my first engine (enginewow.htm) works.

Most of my engines I got from things I observed as a child. The home I grew up was oriented just so where the evening wind would come through the end of the house, cooling the living room from summer heat (no air conditioners in the early 1950's). So I learned how cool air coming into a boxed space filled with hot air would swirl around and react to each other to make "swirl energy". Enginewow does the same thing I observed in our house and the same thing we obbserve in tornadoes, except the heated steam is plus 320 degrees F and the cold air (compressed into a liquid) is minus 320 degrees. So instead of just swirling around & instead of making a destructive tornado, in enginewow it is a near instantaneous major explosion.

Much like combining baking soda with vinegar to power a child's rocket. Except with enginewow since it isn't a chemical explosion it can be duplicated repeatedly darn near forever without adding any standard fuels. It actually makes an explosion per engine cycle, not from chemical properties or atomic fusion or combusting some hydrocarbon fuel but just by letting these inert items of Water and Air piggyback in the Heat Energy and Cold Energy into the engine cylinder.

This is nothing less than contrived & choreographed Energy. I called it Imitation Energy and have also called it artificial, but what it really is is Real Energy, produced by a higher level of Physics than mankind has ever had before.

i.e. "Physics Fuel" that never runs out. Any time you need more Energy just build another engine to make it. The engine over-produces what it needs to run via the exponential factor. Steam cools and condenses slowly, and liquid air expands Fast but not Super Fast until it is injected into a steam-filled engine cylinder.

But enginewow pales in comparison to the Millenial Dawn engine. Whew. Actually they're both miracle-level engines that raises us above Industrial Age #1 that began in 1705. We have been in Industrial Age #2 since 2003 and even much moreso since 2005. Millenial Dawn will generate electricity on the Moon, anywhere, even underwater for underwater cities. It works where no powerline can go, power up spacecraft for interplanetary exploration and living on Mars colonies.

When I invented these engines I thought the information would be like "shots fired around the world". Instead I ran into retired engineers paid by President Bush to argue with anyone who believed in global warming, which included out to me. So Bush has so far stopped these engines by paying gunslingers to throw every sort of trash comments they could make that my engines wouldn't work...

They work alright.

Since 2005 I've seen how to make many more engines. Once I found "the key" of circular energy I started inventing more engines. There's absolutely no more need for Crude Oil Energy or any combustion engines, not even nuclear. Once you find time to read my pdf pages from this year you will come to appreciate the truthfulness of that.

Riley said...

Some politicians say Change is Coming. That sounds Great but while the words are leaving their mouth and hanging in the air for everyone to grab hold of hug and caress like Bridgette Bardot the change already came in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and now 2008.

Change has been happening like gangbusters.

My websites receives regular visits from Moscow and Beijing. They not only know what I have done but so far it seems like they have agreed with Washington DC to deprive everyone of my work. They do not embrace change; they hide it.

They fear change until they figure out #1 ways to control it and #2 the ways to charge people for it. They fear the shift of power from a central gov't to the masses. You take my systems, put them in people's houses, there would be so much extra energy being made the industries could be powered by the excess coming from the cumulative energy production from homes.

Which does present them with one hairy ape of a problem. I have, by the Grace of God, made the river flow uphill and backwards to the way they need it to flow. They understand exactly what I've done. So in order to divert people's attention away from the Changes I brought they tend to start more wars, like the war in Georgia. Bush administration causes a flare-up of the Cold War by trying to place some major-fast rockets on Russia's border. Illegal immigrants allowed to overrun the U.S. border.

It's all part of keeping their butter churn churning, distracting people with the din of gov't machinery filling their ears. That's why so far only the ideas from me they want to get through have been allowed to get through, and the ones they want to keep people ignorant of, they remain quite ignorant of.

One of my solar energy devices acts like a particle accenlerator. If & when I release it it would be possible to set up roadside solar recharging stations for automobiles. They would like that. They could charge for it and tax it like gasoline, so I don't release it. If I did it would only give them room to keep denying enginewow and Millenial Dawn.

I've drawn a line in the sand. The engine that's like an artificial heart and produces "real-time energy"gets built first.

Riley said... is a single page pdf I wrote in April 2007 explaining why the Millenial Dawn is such a fiercely wonderful engine, with links to the orginal page. But lacking the specific software to make some real videos my engines rely on my simple gif animations and verbal explanations. If I had the software I need I could begin designing the Gravity Wheel. Otherwise w/out it it would take years of trial and error to get the proper angles all worked out. My health being in such a state of change I don't know that I have years to do that.

But the Wall Street Journal has been working on my online and well-documented experiences of the local doctors denying me some simple health procedures in league with U.S. Medicare's denials also that would have helped me get back to work (so I would have gotten the monies to buy the software) well, the WSJ is pushing a legal charge the local Carilion Hospital System in buying up all the local doctor clinics has actually formed and been operating as an illegal Monopoly.

So perhaps eventually I might see some punitive damages off of their efforts... and get some of my ideas out of the verbal level into much more understandable videos. Most people just can't understand how they work without a video-in-motion aid. There are too many variables of Motion and Leverage and Spped & Momentum all going on and changing simultaneously.

The special software costs about $20,000. Any change to a shape it calculates the changes to all the other variables. Once I mastered that software I could probably have the Gravity wheel designed and ready for mass production within a few weeks. This wheel is much simpler than Millenial Dawn to build. It just spins and turns a "backup generator" as the main generator for a home.

Piece of cake; no more power grid, no more pollution in the air, no more monthly electric bill and a lot more money in your pocket to pay for everything else. Of course, since I started writing publicly about I had it I imagine all the young guns in Physics labs are trying to make it and edge me out yet once again. Personally I don't think they will => it has a few "tricks" to it the young bucks aren't likely to figure out. My Age is my ally, their lack of age their Achilles heel. hahaha But if they do? Why, I guess I'll be Poor! Isn't like I don't know how.

Riley said... is more or less my latest "flagship" pdf document. The first link (on Energy) is to another page I wrote explaining "Grapevine Energy" (circular energy).

I also released information in 4hxfr2 for stopping both Obesity and Cancer. At the bottom of there is a link to a zip file for anyone wants a copy. I beat a major cancer that hit the entire right side of my chest in August-September 2006 and tell how I did it in that document... but the short story is that with #1 nutrition products #2 faith in my body to use those products and #3 a strong faith in God what eventually happened was my body developed an awesome "healing pressure" within me. More specifically also, the left chest where there was no cancer reacted to the nutrition products by over-producing stem cells needed in the mirror side right chest. So on the last day of my ordeal I sat down and waited to either Live or Die. So I was sitting on the couch, waiting, when a sort of "stirring" began in my left side. I thought that to be very strange as I did not need any healing there. The tingling got a bit stronger when all of a sudden there was a migration of stem cells from the healthy left side over into the right side that was dying. Within less than a minute I knew I was going to live. The repair from the cancer happened just that fast.

That may sound incredulous I know, but actually doctors and scientists have known for decades the body can build new stem cells on its own. A company named Cytori has designed a system for heart attack patients. After a heart attack they extract stem cells from abdominal fat and inject it with a hypodermic needle directly into the heart muscle. Damage from the patient's heart attack is so reduced the patient usually leaves the hospital coronary unit in just a few days time i.e. => my experience and conclusions are covered by established medical precedent.

It felt like the 7th Cavalry coming to my rescue when it happened.

Riley said...

In the "Grapevine Energy" pdf I tell how the Red Sea was parted via a repulsion of water molecules. Much the same way Jesus walked on water by changing the repulsion qualities of the molecules. Or an axehead floated. In the Bible it is promised believers that during Armageddon "to you it will not come near" so I figure the molecular changes will produce a field of protection around each person who has God's Blessing to survive into His New World post-Armageddon... saved through destruction by the same power that split the Red Sea, which was a lot more than God blowing with his nostrils as depicted in "The Ten Commandments" movie. Wind like that would blow people away.

Revealing that information online is significant because it answers a longstanding mystery of atomic structure & function no scientist has been able to understand. They may not consider me to be a scientist but I did crack the egg while they have been unable to do so. It's on the page. It isn't in Wikipedia because Wikipedia pages are Open Source and they (anyone) could come behind me and change my information. I wrote my findings in stone.

This information was mine 4 years ago but I held it back. A good inventor always holds something back. I held it back and as turned out it came time to play that "card" now to back up my other statements and engine designs as being more substantial than just theory, which is what they would like people to think.

They can argue my engines and beat me all around the block and bloody my nose by using their fancy engineering language I never learned becasue thyroid disease kept me from schools of higher learning but they can't escape the arrow I let loose on atomic structure. If I could figure that out -or God blessed me an insight to understand it he had kept them blinded to because He wanted a believer to release it not them...- then I have that arguing all my other engines will in fact do what I say they will do.

And they stand stripped naked in the street huffing and puffing my engines won't work (so they can keep killing people for their big pay checks and lucrative retirement incomes from today's OPEC industries).


Michal said...

Just one question - when you mentioned the enginewow based on cool-air hot-air swirl - well, there is energy needed to heat or cool the air first. Did you forget about that or just not mention the entire plan?

Also, I have come to believe that in today's world if you want to achieve your personal goals, you need to gain control of the herd first.
I am a big fan of Nietzsche.

Riley said...

Hi Michal. All of these processes are shown in gif files on enginewow.htm but I'd be glad to write it again too. You are correct that I had not gone into them here. Enginewow has two energy prep cycles going on at the same time. There's the air decompressing then being compressed back and the water being steamed then condensed back to water droplets by contact with the cold air. All this changing of states is being accomplished by the physical properties of each and how they cross-react to oone another, no combustion required. This giving up of their energies causes them both to revert back to their normal states. has a simple picture of this.

After the cylinder explosion, the water droplets drain out a side hole low on the cylinder wall & are routed back to an engine-mounted heat pipe (that is much like a piece of metal conduit) for re-steaming. As the water droplets pass through the conduit they are "flash steamed" much the way steam is made in a steam iron. (This could also be done more high-tech with passing the water through laser bursts or electric current.) The water makes a complete circle in & out of the engine between being plain water and steam.

The compressed air explosion-expands into the air compressors mounted under the vehicle body. These compressors replace today's springs and shocks that dampen/nullify/control a vehicle's motion energy whereas my compressors use that wasted "road bump energy" for re-compressing the air.

This is btw showing why the combustion engine is such a WRECK. Those who made it and added to it were trying to control everything. I have found there is great power to be obtained by "letting go of the reins", imparting a freedom to my engine. Combustion engines are castrated engines. Enginewow is a complex system in a way but once you look at its mosaic long enough you'll realize the Synergy of its symbiotic processes. When you see all that, I assure you goose bumps at the thrill you will feel.

The condensed water will be very cold so you might want to think a great deal of energy will be needed to flash steam it again. It so happens the air compressors get real hot. A "jacket" around the air compressors would allow the cold water to flow around them and keep them cooled down. This also does something else => it preheats the water before it gets to the heatpipe where then only a small amount of energy is required to take it the rest of the way back into being steam.

A car using such a system like this after a day's driving will be parked holding enough energy overnite in both systems so that the next time you go to drive it a high amperage battery and heavy starter are not required. The compressed air remains compressed and stored in the system. This will bump the engine to start. The generator-produced electricity for the heatpipe begins being produced immediately.

Since neither the water or air is being altered chemically or molecularly this symbiotic fuel system will run for a very long time, no need to pull up to a water hose or air pump. That is the superiority of a "closed system" => no need to stand at a fuel pump. Check the "every vehicle on Earth" section on this page => and then take a read on this page I wrote about Energy Freedom in December 2005 =>

There are some add'l wonderful actions going on inside the heart of enginewow but if I release them now it would give others another way to ace me. I'm getting tired of being aced. I can take enginewow to a much higher level than anyone imagines, to a very high place.

As far as Nietzsche, I've never had occasion to read his work. Achieving personal goals is more an internal success or failure thing; whether you convince anyone else an external issue. Realistically it would be exceeding difficult to gain control of any herd that is already so completely controlled and cowed down by the people they are following over a cliff. But, that's the way it has happened for a very long time. We make many assumptions that those who came immediately before us must either #1 have superior knowledge that is for our good or #2 care about us a great deal. People have difficulty admitting their assumptions were wrong and they were duped. No one wants to eat that much humble pie so we stayed with combustion engines that on their best day are 74+% inefficient systems.

But the Ancients of long ago did not mislead us. They knew steam was the answer about 4,500 years ago. Enginewow is not perpetual motion. I know it looks like it is but that is not true. It uses gravity; it uses kinetic motion of the vehicle once the vehicle is moving; it does not waste energy. It is a No-Waste engine system always in the process of making the next move before the energy of the last move has time to be exhausted. Such is the power of a circular-designed engine. My later engine "Millenial Dawn" is an engine of the Ancients also, a back-to-back (dual) waterwheel that substitutes metal balls for H2O molecules.

I do wish I could tell the remaining "selling points" of this engine. Sometimes not getting what we want right away just makes the day we do get it that much more better. The suffering we are experiencing now is going to be lifted from us soon by someone who can control the herd but he cares for it as his flock.

Good ideas tend to push their way to the surface. That's when you will have my engines, not by me controlling the herd but the herd deciding -demanding- they want to follow the new path of a new shepherd's making because they realize the former shepherds only fleeced them to death. A path of belief that looks artificial to us today in our health corrupted state is in fact the real path we should have been on from way back, from the "In the Beginning". The engines I bring to the table indicate something more than physical engines is happening. A new dawn like mankind has never seen is about to break through the crude darkness of this world's long night. Hmm, or we would all be dead (2 Corinthians 4:4).

Riley said...
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Riley said...

Both enginewow and Millenial Dawn engine systems are just that => Systems. As in Living Engine Systems. They breathe and live as long as they are turned on and running. They make moves in advance of failure, always "falling forward" like a baby learning to walk learns it has to fall forward to take a step, and another step.

Unlike animals they aren't alive in thinking; they're alive in design so thinking is not required.

The combustion engine has one cylinder followed by another cylinder. On the surface this looked like a Good Thing. What it really means is that at any given time one cylinder explosion is pushing the engine through 8 cylinders of friction, or 6, or 4, however many cylinders there are. One explosion per multiple frictions is a poor engine darn near defeated. That's why it barely achieves 27% efficiency of operation on its BEST DAY coming off the showroom floor.

In my design #1 all cylinders fire at the same time and #2 they aren't being used to compress the fuel-air mixture on return. So while many engineers have gone crazy over my engine claiming it cannot possibly work it will because it is "freewheeling" ( returning to start with very little opposition like a combustion engine has to overcome).

In other words, by its very design it gets a 200% Power Bump. In fact it gets a number of Power Bumps by design. For instance, while a combustion engine is a 4-cycle engine my engine is 2-cycle. Every return stroke of the piston goes directly into a power stroke. That's another 200% bump, a total so far of 400%. Then you have let's say 4 cylinders all striking the mallet at the same time instead of separately, a 400% power bump there, a total of 800%.

There are some other facets I have not released yet that will bump the engine to about 1200% the power of a combustion engine. What this means IN REAL TERMS is that with my engine the cylinders can be made much SMALLER, which then means the amounts of Air and Water being used begin to become miniscule and the smaller cylinders resulting in a much lighter engine ... which then also means a much lighter engine needing to produce much less horsepower to shove its lighter self down the highway.

So while some people especially automotive engineers at Detroit Michigan might want to say my engine is impossible, and in owning the bully pulpit will successfully divert "the herd" from believing in my engines and continuing to drive over the cliff, fact is when I add the other facets of my engine into the design I've shown so far I know which engine is the superior engine system and which is simply a poor exuse for an engine that we have had to use by default.

But there are even more things they have overlooked, gearing things. Some of them I'm convinced they have known for a long time, although with older engineers retiring maybe their replacements are unaware of. Once I put them in place the engine simply goes ballistic, still just running on Air & Water.

Take the time to read the pictures on over on the right side. My engine once fully implemented will do 600 mph, over 700 hp and 200+ mpg ** if kept using gasoline ** (think loaded tractor-trailer rigs; SUV's and Hummers they are now taking from the driving public eh). Preferably it would not be using gasoline. I just put that 200 mpg in the mix to help people relate better to my engine ideas.

I have cracked the egg on world energy, pollution of the air we breathe and water we drink. There are no crises and "Peak Oil" is meaningless. No one needs to drill for air or water. Everything we need to live and live well has always been here.

We have been suffering an Energy Famine in the midst of World Plenty. People are standing crying in the middle of God's Paradise.

Riley said...

"They" (oil companies, OPEC barons) want to drag the entire world through transition engines. Unlike a baby, they are much afraid of falling forward so they can learn to walk. They like us all crawling on our knees up to their fuel pumps. And they sure don't want anyone knowing such a thing as "real-time" energy made on an As-Needed basis is real.

"Grapevine Energy" is real. The Earthly Paradise promised in the Bible to be restored is real. The so-called Promised Land is before us real. I'm living in it right now and over there there aren't any gasoline pumps.

Riley said...

A few notes.

#1. Enginewow does not have any use for a crankshaft. Instead, the combined weight of the fluid being shoved in the system constitutes a "fluid crankshaft" that is a.) lighter than a solid metal crankshaft (less total weight) and b.) less friction.

#2. Without the metal crankshaft to push the pistons back to start position something else was needed to do that therefore I added a notched gear from oldworld Swiss watches. The notches on the Swiss watch gear match the needs of the engine cylinders, both being spaced equally apart. This marks the first time I have ever released the Swiss watch trick to the Internet.

#3. Enginewow's "mechanical heart-like" system as I came to understand it completely only this past February is not a "hybrid" engine system like available to us now (engines that have two separate engine systems).

#4. Enginewow is a true hybrid engine i.e. two fuels in one engine.

But enginewow alone does not a paradise make. I have several systems for generating electricity available to every continent and desert region. Millenial Dawn is just one of them. To have a real paradise you still need potable drinking water for everyone. Got that one nailed too. The same day I figured out Tesla's flying craft I also figured out a second system he made for transporting water over vast distances really fast. Not only does it give everyone clean drinking water it also stabilizes the climate by equalizing out the moisture better than at present. I consider Nikolai Tesla to be one of the "Ancients" I mentioned earlier. But in my system I pull in some stuff from ancient Greece as well. I'm still only scratching the surface... but the point is that taking away the billions in oil profits from "oil barons" and oil companies, and oil employees losing their current jobs and drilling and all that, does not deprive them of an improved life. Stepping over from where we are now to where we should be on a restored timeline we were supposed to be living since at least 6,000 years ago is now within our grasp.

Watch and see how many people still fight against it. Why? Because they lose their places on the pedestal. Energy and Food and Water and Electricity to everybody represents a much decreased need for government to mete out the goods or tax for providing for the Poor who can't afford them, almost to a point we only need one government.

Daniel 2:44 tells us about that.

Riley said...

Is the air-powered engine a dream? How about a mirage then? Have we been clawing along on all fours in a desert for so long that now when someone offers a glass of pure clean water we smack it away? Or perhaps a lack of knowledge causes us to feel suspicious of the person doing the handing. Maybe we suspect his motives too.

Most arguments I've received over the past 5 years since I saw how to finish the air-powered engine has centered on me. Some said I wasn't qualified enough to have solved the engine. Perhaps I should admit the truth. Industrialist Henry Ford in 1903 had a meeting with his contemporaries in early automaking to discuss the future of the automobile. Mr. Ford wanted them to run on compressed air but when oil wells struck paydirt in Texas that is where America went off in a different direction. Oil and gasoline were easy, and they made lots of money too. General Motors big trucks used an air starter into the mid-1960's. I started driving a truck in 1975 and they were still on the road.

So the air-powered engine remained a dream. A Li'l Abner comic strip of the late '50's or early 60's had a hilarious Sunday strip where one of the characters in Dogpatch -the Grandpa- had taken a hose from the tailpipe and run the exhaust back around to the engine. He called it his smogmobile. I was young then and laughed til I cried. I wasn't the only one who read it.

Two very highly educated and world-reknowned accomplished scientists worked on the air-powered car dream. The first one I came across in 2003 was named Dr. Abraham Hertzberg. He was both an aeronautics & aerospace engineer who helped get the U.S. Space Shuttle system completed. I found the ABC News story online and he said he had read that Li'l Abner comic and decided that one day after he retired he would work on the air-powered car. In 1997 he and his class did exactly that. It ran a mail truck on compressed nitrogen, but the most speed they could get out of it was 30 miles per hour. His colleagues turned on him, the ABC News people turned on him and the Department of Energy demanded he return whatever was left of the $360,000 they had given him to complete the engine.

And there it laid from 1997 to 2003. All his research and the car was crated and sent from his U. of Washington to Texas, mothballed. As I was writing about it I did much research too, finding out that yet another great & world-reknowned scientist named Dr. Harold Boese had converted his Ford Pinto back around 1980 or so to run on compressed air. In fact he drove it all around his hometown. Who was Dr. Boese? Was he a pseudoscientific quack? No. Encyclopedias call him "the Father of Modern Cryogenics". Both he and Hertzberg possessed all the engineering schooling and Science that people said I lacked.

But I did have enough fundamentals to pick up the baton that had been knocked out of their hands. However, there's another major reason I solved the engine and these men my superiors did not. Attitude. They were intent on beating Crude Oil on their terms, which means they demanded the final solution be Air-Only. It was their wrong-headed attitude that defeated them, not me, and it was my correct (humble) attitude that helped me win. When I entered the last leg of the contest I wanted answers but I didn't have their superior demands that air be the only solution.

That's the nuts and bolts of how a highschool graduate aced the mightiest men of Science to fix the engine by adding steam. I was Blessed by having a humble attitude instead of setting prerequisites. Only later did I find out about Boese or the 1903 meeting Henry Ford had with his fellow early automakers. It's rather fitting that I fixed the engine the way Henry Ford wanted it exactly 100 years after that meeting.

Riley said...

I was at the time very ill with a serious gout going on through my entire body. That's where sharp acid crystals are all pumping through your body slicing the insides of blood vessels. I was in some kinda bad condition. After 3 days of sweating through the pain trying to figure out why Hertzberg had failed I fixed the engine on July 12 2003. In the early hours of a very dark Saturday morning at 3:30 am the lightning of the realization almost knocked me down. Only several months later did I find out Dr. Hertzberg had passed away several months earlier (April I think, 3 months before his dream came to fruition) and who knows how many previous men's dreams had gone by the wayside and failed. And yet without them, especially Hertzberg, I never would have done it. I literally stood on the shoulders of giants.

My solution to the engine was to inject steam heat ahead of the supercold liquid air that contained 4,361 psi at minus 320 degrees F. That was what Hertzberg had missed, instead compensating by using workarounds that warmed the cold nitrogen before cylinder injection. What he didn't realize, that by pre-warming the nitrogen he was castrating his own engine of its pressure.

After writing many webpages and posting over a few blogs and the NY Times -plus faxing the White House four times thinking they would want to know- I was continuing to do even more Internet research and discovered that my trick of injecting a different temperature was how scientist Mr. Newcomen had fixed the Watt steam engine to have increased oomph, which began our first Industrial Age in 1705. Some say 1712 but I think he did the patent in 1705 and it took him til 1712 to build it, best I can tell. Here again this is very interesting that the steps toward my engines was occurring in 100-year blocks of time i.e. Newcomen-Ford-Riley. Fixing the air-powered engine in 2003 (not nitrogen because it's too expensive and electricity-consuming) 2003 marks the beginning of Industrial Age 2.

Good dreams don't die; they get acted on. Anyway, so here we are, soldiers dying and being blasted to bits over crude oil supplies in the midst of Energy Plenty. It has certainly never stopped amazing me how something so wonderful that should have rocked the world has remained so purposely locked up in such a closed room. A world system that has found it to their advantage to withhold such discoveries from its peoples needs to be replaced. It has showed its true face now, a face of Contempt. It no longer has the bragging rights by choosing continued fleecing and death by cancers, death to species and plants, congenital birth defects of its own newborn children. They must simply want time to package innovations to fit them into their great money fleecing machine and scheme.

What a sad timeline this is. Or was. Now we know what is beneath the mask. That's worth something. Seeing our opponent in the early light of day is worth a lot. They cry about Social Security running out of money. Well? If Energy is hanging all over the place like ripe Grapes for the picking retired people and the disadvantaged aren't nearly as disadvantaged because the monies they do have goes farther.

Solving the Energy Equation solves many longstanding problems of every nation not just the U.S. or Canada. Tankers now transporting crude oil could be instead transporting foods to poorer nations, or medicines, or new products, perhaps even new engines... So what's holding up the works here? I guess they don't want a Bible thumper for their champion. Unfortunately, that was what it took to fix the engine. So for them the dream is a nightmare where they lose premium control over people always crying and needing their help?

I can't fix that. It would take a God.

Riley said...

Maybe I should have written instead that I stood on the shoulders of the giants who failed. Ford, Boese and Hertzberg, let's face it, they all bit the dust. So where did the solution to the air-powered engine come from? God? Not everyone accepts that answer. Some say mankind does not invent anything new, that we seem to somehow be pulling our inventions out of us as if we are remembering them, not inventing them. Let's say that God did make Adam & Eve, thinking they would prosper in their situation, but then they committed a gross error and lost paradise. OK, but they were already created and had many things already implanted into their brains that was to help them in that paradise. So when they lost out they still had that implanted learning, much like we have implanted stuff in our "animal brain", they had implanted stuff from their paradise brain they were given "in the Beginning".

Or the aliens did it when they impregnated female apes.

In my physical condition it was difficult to figure out the solution which now is clearly seen to be very basic. It took me 3 days to pull it out. Why 3? Why not 2 or 4? Every day is equal. Is 3 days a kind of spiritual stamp od approval God puts on stuff He approves of, just as Jonah was in the big fish 3 days or Jesus laid in the tomb 3 days?

It's something worth considering.

I've also run into a number of occurrences that in hindsight I later realized had taken 9 months to figure out. One prime example of that was when I had the flash of insight on February 15 2005 of how to make the Millenial Dawn engine. I was getting ready to go to my bank that morning. The sun was very bright. And pow, there it was. But should I release it right away, or hold it back?! As I was driving to the bank around a very sharp curve near here I came face to face with another car in that curve. I took my Maverick into the grass to miss the lady.

Near death. Was that just chance or was a Satan the Devil trying to frighten me away from telling anyone how to have electric power on the Moon and Mars? His message was clear. I decided not to release the engine, not because I had been threatened with death though. I had been telling people on the internet about enginewow since August 2003 and all I had run into was a neverending flak barrage of nonbelievers. So why should I release an even better engine?

I kept it to myself. I decided I would wait for a "sign". Whatever that would be, I would wait for it. Then the Katrina disaster hit the Gulf coast of the U.S.A. and all those people starving without electricity to keep their food refrigerated. People in hospitals on Life Support dying when their backup generators quit. And so it hit me what better sign could happen, and that now I should release the Millenial Dawn system, now I should tell people THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

And yet now it has happened again because people have not listened to me. Anyway, it took a while to make all the animated gifs & pictures for the webpage so that much feverish time was spent. I got the information online November 10, 2005. I named the page millenialdawnpowerandlight secure21.htm ("millenial dawn", the name, "powerandlight", to attract Internet spiders to a new source of energy, "secure 21" from 3 x 7, 3 being the number of earthly completeness and 7 being the number of heavenly perfection).

A worthy name for a system of making electricity that could take Mankind to the stars {with a few alterations this engine produces an upward thrust for anti-gravity and also v/fast Space travel}.

Some time later, maybe in 2006 or 2007, I got to looking back and realized from the Date of Conception of the idea in February to the Date it went completely online (after some corrections to the html => November 14 2005), had been exactly 9 months... Nine months!, a holy number indeed. Travel to Outer Space was secured and birthed.

None of which engine systems have you gotten to this day. We're fighting a war over barrels of Crude Oil to save some people's lucrative retirement plans. We are choosing to remain on our hands and knees crawling through the desert. In my one man's opinion I believe God raised me up for a reason, to show the rest of you what is being done to you. You're hourly slaves who only get what your mastah allows ya, now get back to the fields and the hot sun. And you terrorists there, you go back to blowing people up. Nothing has to change.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Riley said...

You are already using engines like mine although more correctly stated they are using all of you, and me, and have been for generations of struggling Homo Sapiens. My engines are recognized by the way they always =>

1. fall forward to the next step and
2. look like perpetual motion because they
3. are incremental and 4. appear to never stop.

Much like our money systems and taxation: every time a purchase is made a sliver of that purchase heads toward Washington DC or the main money center (.gov) in your country. That's a prime example of how my engines systems work. Here are a few shortcut links about energy plus the one I wrote on December 20 2005 almost 3 years ago about energy freedom => .

Many real world examples of my engines have an element of evil in them. There's a popular radio talk show that presents itself to be Live Talk and Live phone callers yet I have listened to the show and discovered they mix Live Callers with snippets of setup conversations where they have taken pieces of comments from my pdf pages and these posts here to put together a setup conversation they insert in between live calls and taped previous calls. Many people may not realize they are doing that because they do it so seamlessly. Are they afraid of something?

The moneytary system, the system of taxation and the shellgame system used by that radio talk show are like my engines => "choreographed and contrived {staged}".

In the Muppets Movie they showed a funny example of my engine processes when the characters were hiding under restaurant tables and started a "whispering campaign". Whispers add up. Gossip adds up. For negative or for positive, this is a key of circular energy that accumulates forward. Radio came before TV and movies, giving them an edge to INDUCE DOUBT ABOUT MY ENGINES they already know work. Why would they seek to muddle the issues?

Perhaps they want to horde the nuts for themselves to have later on [certainly not you, Joe & Jane Slime] and prosper their own organization by watering down my statements by widening the river enough to drown you. They already see how some of you do not like the Watchtower Society [their whispering campaigns?]. In doing that then they treat you as mere pawns on their Mensa Chess boards. They have so far succeeded for over 5 years to deprive you of your Energy inheritance I slapped on the table in 1989, 2000, 2003 and every year since because they do not think you should have one, only them.

Take a deep satisfying breath. The Dawn is coming. The flip side of all this we have had to endure for centuries is about to go away, including especially those who try to keep you barefoot and ingorant about it. And your responsibility is? What I have shown you has been the "energy portion" of your inheritance that someone very wicked has worked hard to keep us from ever having by fogging our windshields (2 Cor. 4:4). If you think the engines were pre-planned by a loving God before Creation began ~when the Laws of Physics had to first be put in place to later make such engines work~ then to get the rest of your "inheritance money" you need to get in the right line to receive it, by believing in Faith that my engines ~that the greatest of scientists could not figure out for you while a JW could~ are only the beginning of blessings to come, not from Man-Science but from The God JHVH. John 3:16, 4:23 & 24, and 17:3 should help you toward obtaining that fuller and rightful inheritance that already has your name on it if you want it =>

=> Revelation 21:3 and 4. Scriptures from the Bible if the terrorists knew about they might lay down their weapons, except they can't because jet planes keep strafing their homes, wives and children...

Riley said...

A parable (story) Jesus gave was about how a seed planted on good soil would prosper and grow, but a seed that fell on inhospitable ground would fail. A simple story but he used it to teach a spiritual lesson. Sometimes no matter how good the teacher and his/her teaching, sometimes a seed of knowledge cannot grow because the person hearing the words are not having sufficiently good soil within them for the truth to grow. This has applications for today. In 1989 I made Public how to get over half this country's (U.S.) electricity from magnetic induction off lightning bolts. How very strange that the idea did not "catch on"; stranger still that it still refuses to grow. It is not my failing. I have taught correctly. It is the D.O.E. people and the US Government that has proved to be the poor soil.

You might feel inclined to believe they have some deep-rooted psychological need to make sure one of Jehovah's Witnesses fails, thereby maintaining this widespread false belief that we're somehow non-contributors. It goes much deeper than that. I was born with some serious health issues that became sliding scale more evident the larger I grew, so that by the time they wanted me for the Vietnam Support the King Drive I was unfit to serve on several physical issues. One was I had a broken vertebrae. I was also too colorblind to distinguish shades of green. And of course I already suffered PTSD but they hadn't given it a name yet, until the vets started having it.

So they wanted to send me already having PTSD into a war zone? hehehe Yeah, you got it brother. But they wanted Roanokers to Support the Cause at all costs so they planned to send me no matter what so I could die and make Roanoke Virginia death & sacrifice numbers look great to the Emperor of Japan oops America. Since they refused to accept the truth I pursued at the same time a conscientious objector status that was granted but then they laid plans to imprison me. I had been suffering for several years from clinical depression as I was bipolar, Manic Depression as they still called it then. They didn't care about nuthin' but sending me 25,000 miles to fill a body bag and come back so the local draft board war heroes look good.

As it happened a Methodist minister in good standing in the community {before I met any JW's} had counseled me and helped me decide against choosing death by suicide. He wrote a letter to the local Draft Board. Only then did they let me out of their grasp. However, unbeknownst to me they had something better in mind, to blacklist me for Life in order to completely trashcan my life. They hung a cow bell around my neck and that is the cow bell now around the world's neck also. You aren't getting my inventions or wisdom or anything else unless I write it about myself like I'm doing here or on my few websites.

They fully intended me to be invisible forever. And they did succeed in trashing my financial life and my children's lives also to a large extent by extension, trying to erase my gene from the planet. Although in the interest of full disclosure & honesty, with all my health issues going un-doctored & unmedicated my financial prospects weren't high anyway. But from this dung heap of a life the United States Government decided to drop me in the God of all Things decided He wanted me to bring messages of life in his name.

So in 2006 I survived a major cancer assault and have given it to the world since ( It is included in that 20-page pdf document where I both explain it and called it for the first time publicly => Home Chemo and in which I also revealed why Obesity is ravaging the US population. But none of my discoveries are receiving water from them because the victories have been given me by God in Heaven not them nor any man on Earth. So the "plant" that should be me has been banded so as not to grow. The miracle is God's that I have grown anyway, without their water and with them standing on my neck for 57 years. They decided to place their ban on me and God Almighty wanted someone to stand up a mighty plant without their help to shame them for what they had done. They have stomped a lot more than just me and my family. They are in fact stomping themselves into the ground even when that stomping falls on their own citizens. {next post}

Riley said...

The Watchtower Society is likely not real happy at my refusal to be invisible. They want the message of God's Kingdom to be our visibility not any one of us. They are correct to feel that way too. Unfortunately I was selected, singled out to be more than one of the flock. Energy inventions came to me after my accident in 1989 that should have flattened me. (I had taken some electronics theory classes in 1987 after a fall from a truck, 1986, giving me a terrific brain concussion, the result of a pharmacy drugstore error: the pharmacist had left all the Warning labels off a medicine for tennis elbow.

One of the warnings was to not operate machinery until first getting used to the effects of the medicine. So in a bipolar & meds-induced euphoria the next morning making deliveries in Newport News VA I quite simply felt like I was indestructible and stepped into thin air, misjudging the edge of the truck. It was a rather high straight truck bed. My 280 lbs slammed the ground. I should have died. So I took courses in electronics to try and switch professions. Due to being color blind, that didn't work. I could not distinguish between faded brown and faded red bars on resistors and transistors.)

I was also selected by Satan as he was wanting to extinguish my promise. He knew someone like me was going to come from this part of the US. Laugh all you want, the supporting evidence is all over the place. The fact is, I am not just white caucasian anglo american Christian trash. I'm the trash the white anglo american Christian trash throws away (per my last post). I am here stating the world's view of me, not my view, and in fact my Dad told me when I was young that I was part Native American Indian. He had married an American Indian beauty from West Virginia... making me either 25% or minimal 12.5% also.

No one else told me the truth but my Dad. After I was born he had also said that I was going to be a United States President, not knowing that an invisible agent was stalking me to stop me. The question needing to be asked and resolved though is why? Answer => the Native American Indian tribes had a reverence toward the land whereas the white man has trashed the land they got from the Indian. Therefore those who have taken control of the North American continent have been receiving a blessing from Satan while Satan has done his best to stop someone (anyone) of even partial Indian heritage from protecting the land... as I have shown how to do when I submitted my plans to the white man's great Department of Energy to stop polluting US soil and air by harnessing the energy of lighting. Not only US soil but in fact since lightning occurs over and over in many places of the world not just here my one invention would have begun the "Green Revolution" 19 years ago.

Since lightning-laden storms carrying capacitance-generated static electricity travel regularly a common path from Texas across to Alabama and Florida, a "Maginot Line" system of my towers arranged in vertical lines would have to be crossed. My system would have to work. We do know where lightning will strike next. Just stand on a hill and wave your arms during a storm as it crosses the Lousiana Line.

In 1989 a New Energy timeline should have begun at the hands of a Native American Indian blood birth. In fact for centuries now the American Indian tribes have carried a prophecy that one day in the future a "White Buffalo" would come who would bring all peoples back to the God-Creator. As is the case with Biblical Prophecy so is the case here, that many times a word we think means one thing actually can also mean something else entirely at the same time. Everyone has thought that "White" meant only the color of the buffalo, that it would be a white-colored albino. But in the actual case I am a hybrid of white caucasian genes mixed with Indian genes. The "white" of this white buffalo prophecy also meant genetic ~ as in how it would be a Hybrid Race. That is why there has been this gross hatred and suspicion and disdain from White Society and White-run Administrations in Washington DC toward me and all my inventions and why they keep stalling mine off so others can catch up to me and perhaps run faster and jump higher and throw the javelin farther, just to make damn sure my light stays under a basket.

They will be hard pressed to throw farther than solving Cancer and Obesity.

Riley said...

I do believe 100% the Bible prophecies as have been released through the Watchtower Society. No one on Earth comes closer. My being the "White Buffalo" the Indians knew was coming who would bring peoples closer to their God-Creator does not detract from the Bible prophecies at all. It just adds to from a different direction, that's all. Actually it just makes Common Sense that a God of all People would choose someone of Mixed Race so that my inventions and insights could not be claimed as the product of one Great Society.

And that is exactly why I have went ahead and ran ahead of the U.S. Presidential Elections to release so much information as I have here, because I know that no matter which man or woman should sit next in the White House they will still have this enmity and natural hatred towards me and continue "standing on my neck" i.e. suppressing anything and everything I invent. It is also why I have only released a few major inventions like the mechanical heart-like non-combustion (zero emissions) engine system because so long as it goes un-built it is a verification of every statement I have made in these posts and web pages.

That's right. I gave them an obstacle course and they did not fail me. I knew they would keep repeating what they did with the lightning system since 1989 => Nothing. It's what they are compelled to do. They have to Deny God, or Creation, or whatever you want to call the Creator.

This apparent collision between two prophecies, both pointing to us being in the Last Days (aka End Times) cannot be mere coincidence, or can it? Is this really real prophecy coming true or do we still have time for a coin flip? Perhaps you might choose coin flip but I do not. In addition to these coming true across multiple writers AND multiple Races we add more to the mix => the Mayan Calendar. While a lot of people think it points only to December 2012 that is incorrect. I researched it and the scientist I read said it actually points toward a period of time that would begin in 2006 lasting for 10 years til 2016. It can happen any time.

This criss-cross agreement of multiple prophecies could still be all false, eh? I seem to be in-the-flesh evidence they are not. The fact this hatred has been keeping me "hidden in the reeds" so I would not step out and become a modern day Moses is evidence. The fact they have worked together in denying me medical care that would help me get back on my feet, get back to work and have the funds to buy parts and software to build my engine is evidence. The fact that this continuing refusal of modern medical care caused me to cascade into hardening of the arteries and narrowing to have heart seizures, multiple anginas, cardiac distress and a heart muscle infarction earlier this year is evidence. The fact I keep breathing is evidence.

Evidence of what? Answer => this world is ruled by Satan would be #1; this world is about to go flying into a world storm called Armageddon would be #2; this world about to enter into a new gov't and rulership by God under his son Christ Jesus who earned it by dying for our being imperfect so he could bring us back the perfection that was lost -and Paradise- would be #3.

As the Bible writer Daniel saw, the writing is indeed on the wall. A Devil angel son of God gone wrong is crashing our ship aground.

Riley said...

All that being said, there is something else Jesus said that fits in here. He stated that right up to the last "men and women being given in marriage... and they took no note til they were swept away". He was both speaking of the Deluge of Noah's day and how the End Times of our day would be just like that. In other words, a dual fulfillment. He was very correct also in my own case. The "stalling" the gov has been doing so they could locate a champion to be their "new Goliath" to take down my inventions is a continuing process.

Several years ago I became for a short while angered about my situation of being boxed in. Only a short while though, as a feeling of great Peace came upon me. That peace told me to start releasing ever more inventions so I did that. I started posting all kinds of new ideas on SlashDot as I would have them occur to me. One of those ideas -perhaps a year ago- was to send up small spaceships into earth orbit that they could lock together in Space to make a much larger ship for interplanetary travel.

Yesterday morning (9/18/2008) I came to find out the Chinese (who have been all over my web pages for the past year) have inaugurated a plan to launch 4 smaller ships that will lock together to form another Space Station. Can the people of the United States find something to laugh about that one of their native inventor's ideas is being built by a foreign nation instead of by its own NASA? I can because I know the negative dynamics in place toward me but any true blueblooded American should be absolutely horrified.

Another of my inventions as I have stated in many places is a claim that I have a design for a solar power system that "acts like a particle accelerator" that would power every home on this planet and then some. While no one seems to have figured it out yet and likely won't, this morning come to find out a 12 year old boy named William Yuan has developed a 3 dimensional nanotube solar device that will produce 500 times (50000% ?) the electric power of existing and current solar cell technology.

I have seen this happen before, that in desperation they will announce a new invention that sounds like it will trounce mine but usually it is followed shortly by some time-losing qualifiers. That boy will run slamwall into the same thing I hit into. Current technological investments in the billions of dollars already put into what we have NOW will win the race just like the US railroads don't want anti-gravity deliveries of Goods. I imagine he will likely commit suicide because he is too young to have developed the thick skin to deal with the rejection. He will fall by the wayside, and when this human gov't system wants it later they will build it later. Que sera, Yuan.

That's the devil of the situation.

In the meantime, just because they have worked a way to keep me in a locked box does not mean they have won. I was already Poor. With these posts I have made myself Rich because YOUR LIVES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY. Your learning the information I have accrued is now filling your bank accounts to oveflowing. The Bible tells a "feeding of the nations" would occur in the Last Days that would begin coming from God. And so I have. So has the Watchtower Society. If your bank account remains empty it is not our fault.

Riley said...

Not long ago I reached a world-shattering conclusion that all the governments are meeting secretly together and making a united strategy. What we see in the News is fluff and cover. I kept it to myself a long time now because for one thing I needed more evidence.Now you and I plus anyone with a working brain knows that my computer posts are likely being copied as I type and if not certainly when I send them to post. If this is true then it means the US Gov is fully aware of my ideas and concepts any time I write them down in some SlashDot post ... which then means the US Gov knew about my idea for connecting spaceships out in Space.

So why didn't Americans build it?

Border lines drawn on maps is a carryover from the Old World. It keeps us thinking all warm and fuzzy in terms of Christopher Columbus' day that has long ago disappeared. World governments continuing to play act out border disputes and small wars is a fantastically effective tactic to keep people i.e. "the masses" thinking in the Past while they are operating in Buddy-Buddy Real-Time. That's why China is building my ship.

Checkmate again.

The U.S. is now a satellite of Mother China and the coming national election is one heckuva big farce worthy of a highschool drama coach. {Not that anybody thought this lipstick on a pig stuff indicated anything but.} The Truth makes us free not politicians. The Truth that is inside the Bible. Sit down one day and read Chapter 45 of Isaiah and on for a while. A real king is coming soon.

Troy said...

Who's that coming down the aisle dressed in the white uniform?

I think it's a nurse...Time for someone to take their pills...Say hello to my fairy godmother and the tooth-fairy as you drift off to sleep and dwell upon your biblical "truths" and then pray for Galileo.

Nighty night

Riley said...

Thank you for your comments and deepest thoughts, Troy. When I wrote Nancy Pelosi last week and told her how engine oil wouldn't have to be changed but every 30,000 miles if they built my engine that runs cooler and doesn't dirty the oil, I assure you she didn't have your fine comments. I delivered the package on time.

You can have my portion of pills. They almost killed me by 2002. They were not for Long Term usage but my kind and thoughtful crack team of medical doctors knew better and gave them to me for 12 years. Fortunately for me they messed me up so bad I started forgetting to take them.

Riley said...
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riley said...

Not that telling her all that changes the color of green. That's the only color they see in DC. They're smart enough to know my engine would go a lot longer than any puny 30,000 miles per engine oil change. They know where their daily bread comes from; it comes from the We the People's deep and bottomless pockets that are about now approaching infinity. They exist between the rock and a hard place where they can only dole & piecemeal out partial answers.

God's Kingdom under the deft hand
of Christ Jesus won't do that.

riley said...

These conclusions I have reached (above posts) aren't a shock to anyone who knows the Bible. But a number of them shocked me anyway. When I realized the radio talk show was Copy-Pasting old air comments with new comments worked around to set up a bipolar wave of distrust toward my posted content, I was surprised. Some of you may be wondering CAN THAT POSSIBLY BE TRUE or is Riley just King of the Paranoids?

Every normal person has a healthy amount of paranoia.

What are people trying to stop? Me? No. They want to stop the new knowledge about Energy that I have shown can be developed that's different from the way we always thought of energy. Energy can't be "created" any more than life can. We can't sit down and concentrate on a bit of matter and make it start breathing; we can't make energy that way either. What we can do is set up conditions that combine into exponential energies that are much more than the sum of its parts.

And we can do it with a smartness about it by setting it up to run in a circle (around a central point). A wheel is a very unhappy shape. No matter how hard it tries to lift itself up off the ground it never ever succeeds... so that it is doomed to always keep trying. A wheel is therefore always "falling forward" when it is rolling and not when we stop it. It achieves physical happiness by not moving, the opposite of humans.

Any engine system that is made to operate or turn in a circular pattern is locked into that circle of unhappiness that is primed by virtue of its design to keep running with the barest of force needed because it achieves the highest efficiency. However, for every innumerable "point" on the wheel's circumference it is applying a powerful leverage force at the axle (or central point it is rotating around). The Lever is one of mankind's simple engines... and most effective.

Combining several such (simple) engine shapes together to work and multiply their forces is the combination I brought to the table in 2003. When the compressed air ~in my vehicle engine I called simply "enginewow" in 2003~ is Power Decompressed by encountering heated H2O steam in the engine cylinder it is a violent release just as powerful as a gasoline explosion. The steam acts as a non-chemical catalyst to speed the air's decompression from merely EXPANDING to EXPLODING. That's why Professor Hertzberg's air powered engine failed to replace gasoline & diesel power in 1997. His engine only expanded the air. His prototype achieved 30 mph without any steam.

With steam added, my engine will take you down the highway at 300 miles per hour if that's the way you want to be remembered. But in my system after exploding into full state of air again it goes to the compressors that have replaced all the springs and shocks on the car or truck. The energy they were absorbing & controlling is then used to recompress the air so that the air being compressed is then being decompressed all over again for another explosion & another is MOVING IN A CIRCLE FALLING FORWARD again & again & again as the vehicle moves down the boulevard.

hehehehehe This is in essence a form of Desktop Fusion, an Energy that scientists the world over have been chasing a long time, and you can have YOUR CAR RUNNING ON DESKTOP FUSION-EQUIVALENT ENERGY RIGHT NOW. But unlike fusion reactions neither the air molecules nor the H2O molecules are undergoing any chemical or physical damage, so this engine reuses them both.

Such an engine that does not ever overheat does not break down the engine oil viscosity, so the engine oil would not be changed for many thousands of miles. The threat of "Peak Oil" goes away. The reason we use underground oil is because our present engines overheat it and dirty it. Oil that's in my engine doesn't get dirty because there's no combustion going on. The system is closed. The oil never gets polluted. Because of that we can grow oil from plants aboveground and never need underground source oil.

So those people pulling that trick on the radio talk show are trying to keep their precious money ball rolling, which is itself wheel engine running tirelessly forever over taxpayers (and anyone who ever purchases anything at all i.e. sales taxes). Keeping the money running also keeps wars going, so all people who desire Peace on Earth Good Will toward Men and Women and their children want my engine.

I have handed you the game ball, the Paradise ball. It is God's Gift to all of us whether we believe in Him or not. It is the gift that was given before we were ever a gleam in anybody's eye. It is His gift to people who feel like Troy, the above poster who sees no point in beliving God even exists. Now he has plenty of reason => We are a very blessed people.

riley said...

<> Car Fuel never burns up <>
<> <>

riley said...

Actually, a "game ball" needs a runner carrying it to get it across the goal line. In 2005 as I recall, maybe even 2004, I went to Wachovia Bank where I banked and applied for a very small loan to start building a few of my engines. They were unable to do so. I notice they were recently bought by Citigroup for a pittance. Hmm. Looks like what goes around really does come around; and boomerangs you throw at others sometimes catch the wind and chases the thrower down too. OOOOH, that's gotta hurt.

I started these posts last Sept. 11; today is the 29th. I've gotten lots of good writing done in that time both here and on my websites but as for that game ball I said I gave you, it pretty much looks like it's sitting still not moving forward at all. I sometimes wish I could do something about that. Due to financial mistakes made in my past, a lot of them directly stemming from various poor health issues, I may as well have the other team holding my ankles to the ground. Can't get a loan if my life depended on it, which is almost funny since all the racketeers on Wall Street USA can get one any time they want. The squeaky door gets the grease eh?

I have a PayPal account and could easily ask you guys for the money, and I imagine enough of you would send a little my way. But I will not do that, usually deciding not to because it isn't something you should have to do. Point of fact is that I helped Bank of America and later Wachovia too by telling them some tricks that showed them how to make their bankcard systems pay people back the change from purchases. The B of A got the idea from some old pages I wrote back in 2003 that showed them how to construct an upward spiral and loop. When I was banking at Wachovia I advised them where the B of A idea came from and that their patent was a fraud without my name on it, so now they copied it albeit with a twist.

They both realized neither had to pay me seeing as how the old lion didn't have any teeth (lawyers). Then there was the guy who was just sitting around with 4 inventions, all of which were lacking something very important. So he got wind of my "Wind Engine" and made a slight change to it, from running a 180 degree Back & Forth to running continuous 360 degree circles but the same engineering process. So I contacted him to see if he wouldn't want to join forces. Obviously his team of lawyers advised him not to.

I have the utmost confidence that one day in the rather near future my inventions will get built, one way or the other. Probably under a different brand of government that doesn't award giant bailout monies to undeserving greedthatneverstops masters to salvage a system that should be trashed and start over. But it's just like it says in Ecclesiastes, that the race does not belong to the swift.

This world does not belong to the good people in it either.

That's why you continue to pay for heating fuel, vehicle fuel, after which you get to pay again for heating fuel cleanup, vehicle fuel cleanup (environmental damages from continuing to use Crude Oil). And then we all get to pay even more, a price that is not included in the "pump price" at all. That's the cost of people being off work hospitalized due to the damage done their body from crude oil. Technically American gasoline really costs close to $14.00 per gallon US when you add all the stuff in that should be included in the calculation. Also technically, we pay top dollar for the very stuff that kills members of our family.

Thanks Chevron, MobilExxon, Shello. They run television commercials that keeps selling people on their product - as if we had a choice. The cost of just one of those commercials would pay the R & D bill for about every invention I have. However, we now see the government doesn't have a reverse gear. $700 billion goes to keeping Wall Street, billions go into the oil company exec pockets, which means gov't corruption and complacency and gov't intervention into what should be an even contest for the best fuel instead monies devoted into keeping the fuel that pays the politicians off the largest amounts. If a Gov't wants my invention they have the monies to pay for it, which is of course actually your money anyway. But I won't ever ask it from people when they've already been charged for it. That just isn't cricket. Grapevine Energy will be around for a very long time.

riley said...

Jesus said when we "see all these signs" we should "lift your heads up, for your deliverance is getting near" {Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13}. A world running on plastic money that represents expected future earnings is perhaps one of those signs? After all, a greedy world produced them in the first place. It is that World Greed that needs bringing to a stop.

I'm old enough to remember the fear and trepidation people felt back in the early 1970's when the idea of everybody using a bank card first came up for consideration. But, it was a nice convenience so I reckon everybody decided to cross their fingers and set their religious morals aside and touch the head of gold.

Once they weren't struck by lightning they were later sold another idea, that having a daily Lottery would help pay for new schools and roads. Well surprise surprise surprise. School buildings have their roofs collapsing after a rain, roads are full of potholes deep enough to rip the front end out from under a car. I'm not lodging a complaint here just making the same observations other historians are making right now.

The plastic money and the lotteries were both giant carrots that proved to be lies. People should have stuck with their morals and listened to that "inner voice" screaming at them that one day, this bill is coming home. About once every ten years Americans get rocked by yet another scandalous loss of money, and many of them are very angry about it, and yet they can't be angry because it was them who approved the changes that made them possible. We don't live in the future; humans live in the Present. We are Present Dwellers and nothing more. Living on future paychecks is about the argument of a drunk begging for another drink. School and road repairs be d^mned so long as the drug addict gets another hit today followed by another hit tomorrow and that's just common sense facts of life.

But for as bad as it is now imagine when the day comes for it that we have a home heated with electric heat provided by one of my Gravity Wheels, or a particle accelerator-style solar device that doesn't wear out for 30-50 years because it does not use solar panels. A life where there is no monthly electric bills and no one stands at a gas pump feeding milk to their cars like a cow, both you and the cow wishing you would rather be somewhere else.


People do not realize this, but the lives we are living today is a degraded experience and shadow of what it should be. That's why species are going extinct. They can't take the level of degradation a larger human can sustain. Am I ranting again? Am I ranting at all? Well, many people might want to think that. However, there's a lot of truth and substance behind my rants Miss Soledad Castillo in Barcelona for your information and you can take that to the bank. Take it to your dear Mother's bank too. Read my last (2-page) pdf on the bottom of =>
pdflistfor2008.htm page...
and you will have a much greater
appreciation for Moses-size rants after reading that page.

riley said...

Third link up from bottom that begins /redseaenergyruahdesert ... pdf that is, under New Information (in Bold letters), that link. Link explains the energy Moses called on to separate the Red Sea, and it wasn't nuclear.

I should have been more specific.

riley said...

You should know something about me.

A few of my statements are new to you and will "test" you even reading them. You should read my page partially titled "Halloween Scientists" or another I wrote that has many links to various robotic technologies already being built over 2 years ago. Robots I called a "flying locust army". Links to those pages were just added toward the bottom of

When I started writing I soon realized it was my "calling" to "tackle the hard subjects". By doing that I began to be very blessed. You could say that I opened my mind to a very high volume so I could hear the stuff many people work hard not to hear. Depending on how much people want to know of all this I have come to know about, some people may decide I must be a genius's genius. Others who do a surface read might decide I may be off-the-wall crazy. Some will correctly conclude that I have undergone many tortures in life. That's the correct answer.

My fellow Americans don't like hearing it but much of the torture I have had dished onto my plate has come from their great medical doctors. I'm now almost 57 years old. I am also a multiple head trauma survivor since my forehead slammed the metal dash ashtray of a 1948 Chevy when I was about 6 months old. I was very curious child and when the adults in my life shut the car door trapping me in the back seat I decided I would figure out that door handle and stop them doing that. The day I figured out the door handle I opened the door in a curve and went flying. I was about 3-4 years old when my body was flipping over through the air and the back of my head was smashed into the ground.

My next memories pick up when I was about 5 years old... I had post traumatic stress disorder til I was 22. So when the draft board was trying to ship me into a body bag in Vietnam )previous post above) I was already suffering the PTSD Vietnam vets were returning home with. I had a kind of buzzing in my head all through childhood from those concussions plus I got cold-cocked in the back of my head when my blind cousin threw a rock trying to skip it on a pond. It was a very large rock. Then when in the 8th Grade I was playing intramural soccer in school, running at full speed, when my foot caught a lump of dirt and tripped me. I was 6 feet tall so when my head (the right side) slammed into the packed field surface I took quite a head blow.

This is just how my life started. It didn't get much better. I've been fighting in a war zone all my life. Technically I shouldn't be alive. I didn't have to go around the world to see battle, but one of the bigger boys who used to trip me a lot when we played football in the yard, he went. He liked hurting people. He got lots of training on me then I understand he became a martial arts expert and taught other soldiers.

I have however had over 4 years of being waterboard tortured that finally ended last year. I had a cancerous lump inside my nostril, on one side, and some warts or something on the other side, but they were not directly across from each other. So when I breathed In or Out, the airflow would vibrate. Air is a fluid just like water but thinner. I had this waterboarding effect going on nonstop around the clock without letup for over 4 years. I wrote a page about it, easily found with Google.

It didn't stop on its own. The doctors couldn't see it so they were quite worthless for over 8 years because that was when my troubles started. So one day the cancer lump suddenly grew tall enough I could grab it with pliers and I ripped it out. Along with it came some blood and good flesh. I fought with infection a long time afterwards. My battle hasn't just been with any "Satan"; my battle has been with the United States Garbage Pail Healthcare System. The doctors decided I was a malpractice risk for them so to defend themselves in advance they started to claiming my problems were imagined.

I wish. Truth is, I'm no risk at all, not since in 1979 the Virginia doctors wrangled into Law a low cap on malpractice awards here. But they managed to cause my family much harm by casting doubt on my word.

The reason I started writing about my experiences with local doctors was at first just to keep a historical record of the atrocities they were causing me by denying me medical assistance. I thought that was ather important to do since they had harmed my family to an extent they had no right to do. But then in 2003 when I started to inventing so many more zero pollution engines... I decided to leave the doctor pages online. Why? Because it's important people realize the sheer amount of human torture that was being dropped on me by their refusing to doctor me. It is important people understand that these blessed engine systems came to me while I was being stretched over various types of Spanish Inquisition racks day after day for decades, indeed my entire life.

It's important for people to know that my being alive today is a true Miracle of God... because when they understand THAT then they also must connect the dots and understand that "my" zero pollution engines had to come from Almighty God and consequently we have positive confirmation of God's existence and God's Love and the imminent time for Him to begin a New System for running Earth.

{next post}

riley said...

In a few of my pages I've mentioned how Medicare will pay a doctor to cut you open and staple your stomach but they won't pay for a "modified abdominoplasty". My stomach is plenty small. My metabolism keeps my body temperature so low -barely above the point where hypothermic organ death sets in- so it is impossible for me to lose weight. I've never brought myself to put to print the rest of the story. I will now. In 1973 I was a Dunkin' Donuts baker, which means no Benefits or health insurance. I began to get very agitated and mentally distressed but I fought it off. It kept getting worse til finally it reached a point where I just felt like screaming all the time. I began to get exhausted from fighting the urge so I went to a doctor.

His conclusion was that due to my skin being sweaty at a hot fryer all day, and wearing a shirt, had made the ideal growing conditions for mold. I had warmth, water and dark. Mold was growing into my skin and sinking roots deep into the bodyfat. Which meant these mold roots were growing into the nerves. While I was undergoing the waterboarding effect I began to realize the mold I had had in 1973 was a similar experience happening now. Inside the nostril is dark, damp, great capillary blood supply, optimum for both mold and cancer.

And yet after going to FOUR SPECIALISTS since 1999 they had all to a man decided it was "all in my mind"? Yeah, and being told that is in itself a vicious torture.

In 1983 I had occasion to get bitten by a tick and got Lyme's Disease (Borelli spirocheate bacteria). They grow like crazy and fill the spine and brain cells (and their fluids) with themselves. I went into a coma on my couch and was having a dream that I had woke up but could not move. I survived this first attack because as so happened a doctor had given me an antibiotic for a head cold before I was bitten. That gave me enough edge. However, in late 2006 & early 2007 (after I had fought off the cancer from August to September) the Lyme's in dormancy came at me with a vengeance as it does when the person weakens from whatever cause. Fighting with cancer had drained me enough for them to come at me hard... and this time I didn't have the antibiotic edge I had before.

My brain became so jammed full of the spirocheates I began to be dizzy, except it wasn't really dizzy either. I came to realize I had so many of them with their little coiled flagella tails whipping them so they could swim inside my brain fluids and spinal fluid that the total motion was causing me to be off balance. Like, I would go to get in my car, lift my leg and start falling backwards. I got to where I could barely move my jaw to speak and when I did the jaw would jerk. Even the signals to my heart & lungs were being conflicted and interfered with.

My being alive without any doctor care is a miracle and blessing from God to you if my engine theories are as good as they appear.

Back in 1993 I still had the services of a shrink who over-medicated me with lithium carbonate for 12 years, causing a great amount of damage to my motor cortex and reduced my stamina to near zero. I could barely stand up from a chair by 2002 from this daily poisoning the doctors called medical treatment. Not that assaults on the brain are new for me. I had measles and chickenpox as a child, both recognized and known to cause an inflammation to the lining surrounding the brain.

What I find so amazing is why so many people from other countries are cramming onto ships and planes trying to get here. All I've encountered is an insane asylum. You don't get the health care you need. Medicare is worthless, won't pay for an abdominoplasty that would rid me of this mold that I've had lurking around in abdominal fat since 1973. I fail to see the difference between living in a Chinese insane asylum or an American insane asylum. Although I somewhat imagine the Canadian health system might possibly do something for me. But my health changes from day to day now so traveling isn't an option.

So I put my Faith in God and his son that soon they will remove the insanity gene from doctors and men even if it means they have to die the same death they've been trying to cause me for 57 years | and counting. Which death I rather feel they deserve after trashing my life, trashing my family, trashing every hope of a decent life I ever had, just by continuously looking the other way and helping more deserving folks who travel here from overseas I guess.

What health care I have received in the United States has mostly been by accident and/or a result of dropping to your knees and crying, begging or whining. I fail to see the attraction.

Anil Aggrawal said...

Hi Riley,
Nice to see this blog. Keep it up.
Anil Aggrawal

riley said...

Nice glasses Doc. You're a regular reading machine too! Did they run low on books at the library? hahahaha I'd put my picture up too if I was that good looking. And young too. Hmm, I thought there was a Law against using some student's photo...

riley said...

In the movie "The Ten Commandments" of 1956 with Charlton Heston where, at one point he felt he had failed to alter Pharoah's mind he exclaimed "God forgive my weak use of his staff". Sometimes I feel like that too. After 5+ years of writing about the enginewow.htm solution, attempting to communicate how an engine can "fall forward" by being continuously and quite deliberately kept "out of balance" so it has to keep running at the same its various process are continuing to add power into that motion, sometimes it seems no one hears me.

My weak explanations aren't the whole problem because for one thing, they are not weak; they are just different. My engines are being counted out by the wrestling referees, not because they can't work but because I don't know the other team's language. I'm certain there are many people who do know I've "cracked the energy egg" but they all work for the other guys whose intention is to keep everybody holding a gasoline pump hose on into eternity. You know their company names. They are the ones plugging sweet-faced little girls into their TV commercials (lined with fields of green green grass of home) to swoon you to keep drinking their oil and believing they "love you Joanie" hahaha if you're old enough to remember that movie about breaking free of cults...

Today I came across some new terms, the ones my opponents know about, the ones engineers use. There's a system called a "Brownian ratchet" that was thought up over 40 years ago by a Dr. Feynman. It was an idea to harness molecular energy to turn a gear that had ratchet notches that keep it turning only one direction.

Why hmm; my engines only turn one directionalso; imagine that.

Their phrase "out of balance" to achieve forward motion is called "non-equilibrium energy". So they made nouns whereas I made up new phraseology like "always falling forward" for their "ratchet". Same thing! What I would add to their terms though is that the engines I've made -both enginewow.htm and the Millenial Dawn back-to-back (recoilless) dual waterwheel- do not creak forward one notch at a time. I guess that is what fools most people => I made it look too easy (seamless).

What I've really made are Continuous Ratchet Engines, i.e. notchless. Another giant leap for mankind is that their little nano-size musings of possibilities are now working in my real-life, execution-size engines that can push an automobile and big trucks down the highway and go flying over steep mountains. All the automotive and other types of engineers, all the while knowing the correct lingo, are content to stand back and keep their jobs.

They certainly aren't going to come into this discussion and back me up. They will all hold onto their $75,000.00 to $150,000.00 annual salaries with paid hospitalization and numerous extra job benefits, pension & retirement for as long as they possibly can... "Money" as usual is shown to be the root of evil, beckoning those who do know to withhold a superior technological advancement from the ignorant who remain enslaved to keep serving time using inferior Yesterday's Engines.

It isn't the weak use of the staff I've been handed at all. This is a good sturdy staff that will one day help us men and women walk erect as a Free people, walk out of this desert and leave behind the Energy Famine we are now being held in against our will like milk cows crammed into stalls or hens forced to sit 24/7... all the time still wanting to think the ones who should be on our side actually are on our side.

They aren't.
They're on their side.

riley said...

Do you feel it yet? Is the power of knowledge beginning to course through your veins? Is your heart starting to throb like a racehorse at the idea Riley is Right and everybody else really is wrong? That's the surge God made us, his children, to feel. You're beginning to resonate your will with God's as your inner mind, being and soul begins to realize from deep within you that we are supposed to be living in paradise right now, not what you see around you.

Not the tar pits of Canada Shane told us about in an earlier post. We aren't supposed to be clawing around in a desert crying for more gasoline please, just another drop, please, like some paycheck-short drunk.

There's an account in the Bible of two brothers, Esau and Jacob. Jacob loved to hunt. One time he didn't catch anything I suppose and felt like he was starving to death. The King James Bible says he begged his brother "for some of the red there" meaning meat jacob was cooking. It uses a word "pottage", which is an old word meaning stew.

Esau was the firstborn and stood in the #1 position to get his father's inheritance, but his mother knew he was the wrong son and should not get the inheritance at all. So she urged the #2 son Jacob to not give Esau any stew til he gave up his inheritance for it, which he did because he was #1 starving but of more importance is that he had no appreciation for the value of spiritual things.. He have up his inheritance, a promise from God, for a bowl of beef stew!

Our situation has been like that. The politics of fear has been used against us to keep us slaves and not get our inheritance. We are kept so turned inside out from day to day and week to week wringing our hands as if we're just going to starve without our master's daily bowl of stew we can't see the forest for the trees.

We lost sight of paradise.

Since 1989 when I was greatly blessed to suddenly understand how to get world energy supplied by lightning, the people in charge have fought my revelations every time I sent them one (D.O.E.). They held back the Green Revolution God tried to start with me til a time they wanted it to start. They kept you eating the stew and me too! I'm not living on Mt. Olympus. I'm right here suffering the same way you are, right by your side. And we will keep on being denied our inheritance from God by these corporations because they kept us giving them all our monies.

We paid their brainwash machine {engine} to keep running and running and running. It has become too large and powerful for any human to stop it, and the government instead of stopping it joined forces with it. Only a Saviour given Godly power he earned by dying for us can save us from the economic monsters dictating we keep eating (drinking) their crude oil stew, natural gas, nuclear-hydrogen promises beckoning us to pull our ships closer to the cliffs.

Ah, but now they are changing the game on us! They realize the Truth is slamming up against their walls so they are rushing out some other partial-solution engines. "Hybrids" that aren't hybrid systems at all, just cars with two engines to feed (and maintain). This is nothing but a neverending shellgame contrived by masters desperately seeking to keep the slaves wearing slave's clothes, sleeping in slave's quarters, working in slave's fields in the hot sun every day kept so knuckle-dragging weary they cannot see the dawn has come, and back they go trudging into the fields.

Electric cars that still have to be plugged into a wall socket every night? What is THAT?! Why, it's a baby we have to give a bottle every night! hahahaha In two year's time I could have you an electric car or a Big "gashog" Hummer or SUV that also runs on electricity except it doesn't need an umbilical cord plugged in its mouth every night.

But I can't. Apparently we aren't praying hard enough to deserve the better stew be served. Jesus said the door would be opened when he heard us knocking. Or maybe he wants to hear our petitions being nailed on the door because we admit we are out-classed...

riley said...

I'm sure Jacob also liked to hunt, as back then they had to or they didn't eat. Slight mistake on the Type-O-Meter in the previous post. Esau valued a bowl of pottage (stew) more than an inheritance he thought little of, something goofy old religious parents value, enough to trade his birthright for a bowl of stew.

Troy said...

Haven't you had enough? Seriously, do take those will feel so much better!

riley said...

Hmm. I don't think they make an anti-Medicare pill. Are you aware that U.S. Medicare refuses to pay anything connected with teeth? There's no pill for that. Gee, I could oblige you if there was one and the pain wa to let up. As it is, my endorphin high trumps any mixed drink you purchase from a bar.

Are you aware that anyone with periodontal disease has a much increased occurrence of heart attacks? I know, I've already had them. But Medicare knows even if you don't read it in bar literature. Yes, I read your biography. You can't stand me because it threatens your depth? Well, what did you keep reading for then pray tell barhopper?

Perhaps you find me interesting. There's a lot you can learn from me that other people will never tell you because they don't give a flying leap about you, nor your problems, nor whether you even HAVE a future at all. So now that we know you're still reading aren't you impressed that I described a notchless ratchet? No one in the known universe has ever put those two words together like that, not even old Albert Einstein or one of those "Great Thinkers" we see on the Discovery Channel. I should be awarded a Nobel Prize for that alone.

But that doesn't help you any does it? Eventually it you keep reading my conclusions your brain synapses are going to get stretched. What'cha gonna do then? Once I stretch your neurons they won't go back to what they were before... It's too late for you, Troy. Now that you know paradise is real you can't run fast enough to escape it. I know that's tough on you. Weed did that to you, not me. But once it's over you'll be glad. Enlightenment I've given you is quite priceless. You now know some new definitions you were previously missing while you were still a pawn on the board.

Now you take that earlier post where I wrote about Wachovia not paying me eh? You think that doesn't have relevance? Well, it sure would have to Citi Corp who struck a deal with them to purchase them then Wachovia suddenly backed out -after giving their (worthless) word to the deal- and let Wells Fargo purchase them instead.

And you have learned where you don't want to retire. They've known how to build any number of great engines that would have made their citizen's lives much better and yet they purposely held them back. Some people may have SUSPECTED IT but I PROVED IT multiple times over the last 19 years. That has value unless you value ignorance. Withholding progress and keeping reduced wages in effect forces young people to join the military so they can have a home and schooling.

Is that the actions of a government or more that of the Cosa Nostra?

Another Nobel goes in the belt. This world will never treat you like a real human being. It either comes from God or it doesn't come at all. The world wants each adult having a minimum of 5 umbilical cords we can't live without, ever. The Tholian web would be better. On the other hand, once you had your hands on my engines you'd be traveling to the Moon in 5 hours WITHOUT BEING FORCED INTO ASTRONAUT TRAINING PANTS.

I think my way is better, without the shackles around your ankles.

riley said...

A new TV commercial tells about natural gas for cars. It is well made and professional. But at the end it's incredibly honest and verifies my posts by showing a standard issue fuel pump with its pump hose over to a new car. That's the future they have in mind, first, foremost and always. The cattle people always having a hose stuck in them somewhere. Why is that? One reason is that we no longer live on one currency; we live on 5 currencies => salary, stock ownership, land ownership, home ownership, retirement and pension plans, which are of course also invested heavily in stocks.

Living has been altered into a Basic Training run through tires. A web of multiple currencies has us all caught like flies on flypaper! How dare anyone today claim we are free? Politicians and their sliderule-brain economists have constructed this web in the earnest hope of making economies more resilient and as impervious to failure as possible. On the surface where Troy-type people might like to remain, this all might look highly intelligent. Is it? What else is it? Ans => thicker quicksand we sink more slowing in.

On the other hand they appear to be trapped by their own flypaper. I'll explain. When companies way back when (early 1900's?) originally began issuing stocks it was originally so they could obtain temporary Working Capital to produce a new product. The stockholders were then supposed to take their profit and go. Stocks were not supposed to be a permanent fixture. While the first intent was a great one, when owning stocks became a permanent additional income it began affecting transition time from old products to new. Stock holder-investors became a barrier to replacement engines that pollute less. I'm not the only inventor who has run into this wall. Ask the Wind Industry in America.

That's one big reason they -"the Powers that be"- had to fight against my superior engines and also hold back new technologies from the Public, such as my 1989 system for getting half our electricity from natural lightning => new ideas threatened their form of Stock Currency that has roots sunk mold-like deep in what they built Yesterday. The price of economic stabilization is technological stagnation. The human cost is that we live inside a massive Controlled Flight mechanism... and "Life" is no longer Life but a game console with politicians being the ones holding the joy stick. Corruption of Life is setting in like gangrene to the point where a million million people just like Troy will indeed get upset at anyone comes along like me to inform them they are living in a shadow world artificial timeline that is not real life but a simulated world (Sim World), a place where he and they think they live in Freedom when they are really in a prison with a full contingent of automated guards armed with video cameras everywhere watching them.

People raise objections to "serving God" and scoff at the Bible's promise of a "Paradise Earth" where food is never charged for and we are let free of living in this evil petri dish, a contrived and choreographed spider web of mammon... because why? Why do such people recoil at the idea of serving God when they are now serving multiple gods on every streetcorner anyway? Is serving God worse than serving other men? No. Does serving God make our lives worse in some way? I've shown that it does not.

In our world today traditional roles have flipped and evil has become good. Serving one God looks a bad idea where actually it is the best idea of all.

riley said...

Keeping whole populations of citizens fighting to survive in a rat race economic maze of 5 currencies is itself a form of control.

You can take that to the bank.

riley said...

And people who think Jehovah's Witnesses "don't live in the real world" are blinded by Satan's economic and moral chaos. We know exactly what this world is about and what it offers, which does not hold a candle to what the coming kingdom of God is bringing.

This world offers world war.
God's kingdom offers world peace.

This world offers sickness & deprivation of all who fail to master the 5 currencies.

God's kingdom is going to do away with all these currencies that pit each human being against the other in a worldwide economic war.

God's Kingdom is already in operation preparing to bring "Peace on Earth Good Will to Men" but first it has to take a cleaning swipe at what exists and dominates us now, which promise you can read in any Bible found at the Book of Daniel Chapter 2 verse 44.

riley said...

A boy running down the street tapping the side of a hula hoop with a stick just enough to keep it rolling is a simple example what my engines are like. Unlike a combustion engine, the hula hoop is not having to turn so fast it compresses air all the time for the next cylinder fuel explosion.

A rolling hula hoop is doing what we call "free wheeling". Just imagine if we could make engines that do that. Such an engine does not need to be constantly exploding fuel to keep running. All it needs is tap tap tap every so often. "Tapping" does not build up excessive heat therefore such an engine system would not overheat. Therefore no need for a heavy radiator, or cooling system, or hoses, or poisonous anti freeze coolant. Being a circularly designed closed system it would not be exhausting any pollutants => no nitric oxide or carbon dioxide; so we can scrap the heavy exhaust headers, exhaust pipes, catalytic converter and mufflers and tailpipe.

All of which stuff is heavy. My engine systems are very much lighter therefor they need not produce 3000 horsepower to be providing 3000 horsepower for forward or upward motion. They are also specifically designed to #1 not suffer the usual recoil of equal backlash energy plus #2 they are designed to develop exponential power not just 1 on 1.

Maybe now you will begin to understand why I have anti-gravity engine systems <> and you don't need a car with wheels. I personally do not know exactly what gravity is any more than anyone else or the scientists but that is not necessary. A light enough recoilless engine can provide enough upper thrust to overcome gravity when it is put into a light alloy craft, or plastic, or composite, or a combination.

One reason our current spacecraft need to produce so much flamingofftheground fireball thrust to escape Earth's gravitational pull is the weight of the fuel + the wt of the engines + the weight of the fuel tanks. My engines do away with all that weighty mess, so it is quite possible right now to bring to production -with just a few year's R & D- a flying wheel-less car that is also a spacecraft and is, in fact, your home.

Doable since February 2005. However, early last year (2007) after reading some pages of Nikolai Tesla concerning his ideas of a flying craft that did not use fuel, well, that evening I understood what he had done. His system is actually better than either of mine. Since early 2007 space flight for everybody has been possible to develop 3 different ways to next Sunday.

riley said...

So this makes for a very interesting situation where those who are suppressing my religious beliefs are also suppressing everybody else's desire to travel out into Outer Space... which was in fact a carrot held in front of you since the early 60's as I recall. A carrot that so far has cost this world a lot of food money as year after terminally long year the nations have spent trillions on launching super heavy NASA turkeys into Space with the wrong engines. Unless of course they already have em and the space launches are just a Big Show so you think we can't do it without working real hard. But we can't think that; someone might call us paranoid or bipolar or something. A very interesting situation.

I was watching a documentary about some lost manuscripts that have been found in a Vatican library. It was purposely catalogued incorrectly back in the early 1600's I think so it would be "lost" for a long time. The manuscript appears to be a copy of Nostradamus' last writings. It contains many interesting pictures that carry several symbolisms through. In Picture #67 there is a sudden departure from the language. Written in English it mentions "one male" in a small note pad-sized paper. To me that was what it looked like, a message in Notepad. When html was first written you'll recall Notepad was used. I've done it myself.

I doubt the many scholars now studying it saw that. If they did they didn't mention it but one of them stated they have reached a consensus that the knowledge of the tree of life in Eden was going to be expected to come from this "one male". None of them believe these "lost manuscript" copies of Nostradamus are canonical but the mention of one particular male is rather interesting. If I was that one it would make sense why so many people are working hard to suppress me because they expect the End or the New Beginning to come rather much sooner after his appearance. I reckon it's normal to reject the terms of a contract. They are trying to stop the future from happening? No matter how much excess and un-necessary suffering it causes to people all over the World? Looks like it.

In an earlier post above I made mention I believe I may be the "white buffalo" foretold through many Indian legends. I don't see anyone else making that claim, so may be. I'm not here claiming to be this "one male" but I sure do have plenty of engines worthy of people who live forever in paradise, engines that take paradise out to the stars. Space travel was put on hold by Adamic sin in Eden. This just adds to the list of fulfilled prophecies that are piling up testifying that the portion of mankind that returns to God is about to receive a blessing of restored Eden. We are in that time by a preponderance of evidence. Preventing me from gaining the finances to build the engines does not negate they have been designed. Time to "get right with our Maker" is fast running out => John 17:3-10. Godspeed and the wind at your back til morning.

riley said...

"Wind at our back"? Well, it would be nice if it turns out to be a nice summer wind as we walk across a green meadow watching the approach of refreshing rains in the distance. Before it was plowed under such a field was near my home when I grew up. Waves of wind would brush across the tall grass, and I did watch approaching storm clouds. At the same time though a few of my Dad's cousins got caught by a lightning bolt as they crossed a fence and were electrocuted not far from there also, in an area called "Boxley Hills". It is a natural lightning attracting spot. People have been killed there since too.

The several engines I've attempted to explain how to make and how they work are both lightning fast processes. Take enginewow. Combining cold liquid air with heated steam may look like the proverbial "90 lb. weakling" who gets sand kicked in his face on the beach. Many people have tried to say it is that. However, when they do that they are playing on your ignorance of the relationship between Speed and Force => there's a 3rd component => Time. Like martial arts, the faster the judo master chops the board the less it matters how big the guy's arm muscles are. Til you reach a point where a small man with small arm muscles achieves a board-smashing ramming speed. Plus, if the person is fast enough there is so much Speed his or her hand isn't damaged.

That is precisely the speed advantage my engines have, where even though the basically inert air (70% non-explosive nitrogen holds the 28% oxygen content in check from exploding or flaming) and inert H2O water, inert, yet due to the raw speed they explode when mixed/injected into an engine cylinder to produce brick smashing speed. No need for combustion fuel.

The Millenial Dawn engine is much different from enginewow but it achieves an even faster speed, as impossible as that may sound. Two electrical solenoids on the same shared trigger so that both are activated at the EXACT SAME TIME. They propel metal balls outward, two different directions, so that their combined speed exceeds the speed of light itself. hehehehehe Ford light bulbs went off on that one eh? NOW you know why it can produce enough "upward thrust" as I mentioned earlier to achieve anti-gravity flight => you have to look at the total speed of the metal balls.

It has other tricks to make anti-Gravity work so you can't just run out and build it just yet. But you can make it to power homes without any need at all for any power lines or electrical meters to charge you for it. Who would you charge? Yourself? I haven't released the other tricks. But you know, desperate people who design military weapons systems aren't Physics dummies either so maybe they will figure it out or maybe they have already figured it out.

My engines not using combustion fuels are THE ENGINES for Mankind to start an earthly Paradise but, they also make it possible to not need a fuel supply line to troops and tanks on the front lines of the next World War. A web page I found this morning makes it clear the German army under Hitler was working on liquid coal processes in 1933 to make both diesel and gasoline because they realized not having fuel was their Achille's heel =>

I do not believe a "fuelless" engine exists. Some people think my engines are fuelless and they're quite mistaken. My engines use the "fuel" of smart Physics properties combined in such a way to not need a gasoline pump, oil refineries or digging into Canadian property. No need for drilling into the Alaskan wilderness area called ANWR. No need for drilling the planet into Swiss goat cheese. And absolutely NO NEED for any person on Earth to not have electricity and running clean water RIGHT NOW TODAY.

You can debate til the cows come home whether I could possibly be that "One male" Nostradamus said would appear... but the engines I have shown how to make do make it posssible to either finish off Mankind and Womankind or build a Paradise using God's Engines (engines that use Physics Fuel). The choice is ours to make albeit it will at present be made with whoever holds the most R & D money => the U.S. military's DARPA. At the present time they will be in charge of whether the planet gets blown all to hell or not. All I know is they already used one of my inventions to make a plane capable of transporting munitions and fresh troops to any spot on earth with v/little fuel consumption.

riley said...

Days of darkness are indeed upon us as a species. Our economic world structures and banking system are now shown up to be standing on moving foundations, to a large extent built upon the sand of assumptions we hoped were True. So I thought I'd return here today and spread some Good Cheer.

Wrote a page today (yesterday for most of you guys) where I have let the big cat outta da world's medical bag and cured cancer. Whew, a happy fat cat with no claws that purrs a lot and meows. So here's the link =>

Had to break it up but here's a shortcut link for it also if that doesn't work for you =>

It's only four pages, some of it at the start some necessary fill-in and lead-up to curing cancer. Did I say CURING CANCER ENOUGH? Actually, the "cure" isn't technically a cure as cures go. A cure is something you take once and then never get sick again. A cure for cancer like that is quite impossible because we are all different from birth. Then each of us gets caught by different germs & infections, some of which alters us to be even more different from each other. So "curing" cancer is very much impossible that way, permanente.

So really, really stopping cancer and many other disease organisms like Bird Flu for instance, has to be a personal day-to-day intake of proper nutrition that includes oxygen (O2~oxygen is a necessary nutrient for human life). Well, hope you like the best 4 pages you will ever read. Later!

riley said...

For anyone thinks they caught me in a BIG FAT LIE I added a 5th page onto
=> . After all the roses and flowers and cheers for Mr. Obama winning the presidency I don't suppose there's anything left over to go towards my solving cancer with Home Chemo information.

hahahaha That's okay. I entered the race without filling out the appropriate forms. A lot of people aren't happy about my detailing the AntiChrist's plan either so my comments made on Thomas Friedman's blog got yanked. I believe I posted it on here, up above?

All the rich and powerful using the world's tax monies to move to the Moon and then freeing the Moon with a pulse beam into the oceans? You forgot?! Whew. A directed energy beam (increased sun reaches the Moon surface), pulsed deep inthe ocean floor crevasses (little resistance to the beam going through water), so that when the Earth explodes the Moon is freed of Earth Gravity to be their space-hopping pleasure palace where they live happily ever after having destroyed every Bible and all religious books?

You didn't get the memos?!

Whew. Go back to sleep. Keep repeating to yourself => THIS IS THE 21st CENTURY AND THE ANTICHRIST DOESN'T EXIST ANYWHERE BUT IN OLD MOLDY BOOKS. Maybe you can power think your way around the Earth exploding with a copy of Norman Vincent Peale's Power of Positive Thinking under your pillow. Maybe sprinkled liberally with the more recent addition of Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven Life" that was inspired into him from my pre-book example of Faith Driven Living that he read pre-book...

By my studied appraisal of the world wide situations we find outsleves in today, we have approximately 3 years to turn the situation around. Obama has called all the great minds of Science together for a DC powwow and they all believe we still have 10-50 years to gradually fix the planet's many damaged ecologies and dead zones in the ocean without losing anybody's jobs.

I say I have God and they say they don't need God they can do it thank you very much. I say they have 3 years and their only snowball's chance is to consult with me and build my 100% zero emission engine systems, then drop back and build whatever other longterm systems they choose. So hmm, if Obama the Intellect listens to them we're toast? Maybe. But as with every new U.S. President why would this one be any different? All he can hear is their screams for high-tech money...

Wonder what they're going to do with all those BRAND NEW SUV's SITTING AROUND NOT GETTING SOLD? I could slip my engine in them, get unlimited mpg. Naw. Just send them down here to Montvale Virginia to the car crusher machine! just for the fun of it I e-mailed Governor Granholm of Michigan a letter telling her I knew how to convert all of them into hybrids for a few thousand so they could get top dollar for them.

I should have given it to be delived by Daedalus' son, Icarus. Now there's a boy who can really fly! Maybe it would have helped had he read my other page => , or maybe he'd be toast with us. Is the End Near yet? No? Twon't be long. We have 3 years an the experts say we have 30. Toast, say hello to Mrs. Butter.

riley said...

World Peace seems to be going backwards eh? Whew. Here's a split link, some new ideas about the next World War coming by 2014:

Something to read, not exactly Ho-Ho-Ho material... just add the three part link together on the Address bar line.

riley said...

On Dec. 21 '08 I was answering a question on another blog about how we could get Energy from Outer Space. Suddenly the idea became an easy solve. How about a large antennae coating sprayed on...

Are you ready for this Europe?
Are you ready for this Ireland?
Are you ready for this India?
Are you ready for this France?
Are you ready Sarah Palin?
Canada Russia come on down!

A metallic coating sprayed on the Moon by exploding rockets, sprayed onto the lunar surface by above-the-ground explosions of incoming rockets. A metallic spray that is heavy enough it only needs Moon gravity to pull it down to the surface where it then quick dries into a hardened and very large solar collector array on the Moon's surface. Hook wires to it and feed the power over to a big Earth-directed laser.

Is that all? Well, I thought it was so I turned off my computer and walked away. But then more ideas came of exactly how to set it up on Earth to easily catch the laser beam and do some right fantastic things with it such as power the new Power Grid that stretches from the oops I'm giving it all away. Read the link please. See the successor to nuclear power plants =>

Since posting here last I came out of the closet and gave myself a new Native American name of CloudSeeder. It is my hope this new system will bring a halt to drilling oil and gas from the ground plus to greatly delay need for any more nuclear power plants to be built. A lot of people do not know this but the solar sun radiation is a lot stronger on the Moon surface than on Earth as we are shielded by our particulate-filled atmosphere that shades us land lubbers in shade that scientists call "Global Dimming". No such thing on the Moon just good ol' full strength solar flare radiation waiting for us to catch it and bounce betty it home. Powering up some lasers and riding streaming electric current to Earth is a piece of cake over at M.I.T.; of course the D.o.D. and the Kremlin and Beijing might have other uses for it but we'll have to cross that bridge to Chicago when we get there just like we woke up and walked around the Cold War.

Glad to be of service and thanks once again for Shane providing me this soapbox to bring Stardust Energy to all. Have a good night's sleep now. Tomorrow is coming. Woodrow CloudSeeder Riley, December 23 2008.

riley said... tells exactly how-to build a gravity machine to power everyone's Home, and business, and summer cottage in France.

Yes, Shane, I really did show exactly how to make the device, even made an animation for people to see it run. Do you recall the Greeks had a curved shape called the Golden Ratio? Well, I used that curve in circular motion to throw a ball downward and hit an angled "smack plate" that has a spring behind it... so when the ball flips over the wheel's hub it power dives down into and strikes the smack plate, sending the wheel into a continuous spin.

A regular home generator runs off the spinning Gravity Wheel. It's actually a very simple device. The generator has all the important stuff and what it no longer needs is gasoline or a diesel engine, just plain old generator with Gravity Power.

Gravity is a stream. My device takes that streamed energy and gives it a life, to power every home in the World.

All anyone needs to do is read the first post and you'll know PLENTY and know that Electric Service from Gravity is real =>

riley said...

Gravity Wheel Energy posts are on an Energetic Forum blog.

I also put a litle bit extra stuff in there about how my health led me to solve cancer => Home Chemotherapy being the result which as I recall I posted here some time back. is the link to my 6-page pdf explaining home chemo how to apply self-hyperbarics that helped me beat back a major cancer assault and also a Lyme's disease attack of my nervous system in 2006.

I know this world wants fancy solutions to the World Energy Crisis so maybe the fact that my Gravity Wheel is a device that has never been built in mankind's history will be fancy enough.

The ancient Greeks would have loved it for the way I took their Golden Ratio and applied it to a spinning wheel to keep a ball in motion; but will their children?


CloudSeeder Woodrow Riley, Bringing the Spring rain to Europe and Canada... and no, it isn't free energy and it isn't perpetual motion and it isn't quackery or a trick or an advertising gimmick to raise Page Rank.

It is Real Science..

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


riley said...

Ruth, good comment. Some many people are suffering today from "information overload" and skip over my offerings like a rock on a pond, mostly because I am not visual enough, not enuff pictures and fancy flash they have gotten used to. That makes you special.

My last few posts here were telling about the Gravity Wheel, a major advance, but now be advised there are 4 such devices being worked on. The one that uses the "slingshot technique" used by NASA was my first to go public but in fact I had understood how to make one before that last year but I chose not to pursue it at that time.

I came across a group of other inventors who are also pursuing their own device and they are getting extremely close to getting it running, plus another fellow on there has designed one... using yet a totally different method he may be able to get into production by late this year I hope.

So four Gravity Wheels are being chased down and solved. For my own self I've decided this is a pouring out of blessings foretold in the Bible. Not everyone appreciates my opinion as they were desperately trying to distance themselves from such subjects, putting a bigger & bigger wedge between Science and the {ugh} Bible.

Since this is your first comment it's possible your congrats were intended for Shane so I'm sure he is likewise honored. I will visit your website.

Woody Riley aka CloudSeeder

riley said...

shane, Shane, SHANE! I figured it out a gust of spirit knocked me down and I understood completely. ALL THE GREAT INVENTIONS being held back from the World was to keep people from having reasons to start proclaiming PEACE and SECURITY.

The "shadow government" finally faced Facts that the world's scientists are not up to the task of saving Planet Houston so they are now dropping the prohibitions against FREE ENERGY.

They have let an inventor named Robert Kostoff go ahead without stopping him from taking his Gravity Wheel into production. If it was a shadow gov't or man of lawlessness of Judas H. antiChrist stopping Free Energy from going ahead I don't know which but they have admitted defeat.
They realize their children and grandchildren are about ta be wiped away from world pollution along with everybody else, and the animals and fish, so they have released the locks off the prison doors.

Katey unbar the door man!

shane Shane SHANE! This morning what a rush <> look here, figured out why the earthquakes have INCREASED SO MUCH EXPONENTIALLY FOR: All the heavy garbage accumulated in the oceans has increased the WEIGHT. Ocean Water weighs many times more than 8 lbs. per gallon now and that extra weight is shoving the continents upward CAUSING MORE EARTHQUAKES WORLDWIDE.

And the scientists must've figured it out too so they had to drop restrictions against Free Energy.

The Pope went online with Facebook, Free Energy soures being allowed (probably too late so we still need Jesus' help and Kingdom). They waited too late man... It isn't the oceans crushing the continents it's mankind's filth and HEAVY METALS coming after us. There is no way we save ourselves from 500,00,000 tons of ocean garbage.

There is no escape left but Jesus. All you people reading this you better start praying best way you know how. We have truly come to CRUNCH TIME. Find a Kingdom Hall, get some literature, start reading a Bible no matter what the translation. We can't win this battle alone; even the SCIENTISTS HAVE ADMITTED IT BY ALLOWING "FREE ENERGY" TO BE PATENTED.

riley said...

No More Fuel Pumps Ever

No More Third World Poor

Series of posts released for June 2009 explaining engines that never need a fuel delivery truck =>

Included => INSTRUCTIONS how to make a solar energy OVEN from a small enclosed pool and/or just plain superheated solar air. One of the most concise yet best page I have ever written as it shows every THIRD WORLD COUNTRY how they can have all the electricity they need from sunlight.

Works in Argentina, Africa and Zimbabwe, even also the Americas and Canada.

riley said...

Cellphone radiation harms babies.
Dish TV harms the fetus.
Radiation being used to spur evolution.
Biphenyl plastic in condoms = increased cervical cancer 4 women?

The US News Media can't tell you any of them much less quote me saying it. This world can stay the same or it can start running at my speed and try to keep th heck up. I run toward a New World prophesied by everybody who's anybody, from the Mayans to Nostradamus to Bible prophets from Moses to Jesus to John's Revelation. Many people are sayig it is coming but who is slapping meat and potatoes down on the table?

riley said...

Entropy does not stop my new engine systems. People in Spain & people all over the World could right now have their homes powered by electric backup generators that DO NOT USE FUEL.

The following linked page explains =>

riley said...

Gravity Wheel Designs posted to my website => 8/30/2010 one called the Hammer Cam which is just an extended axle deal sort of, and the other is shaped like a Scorpion, so I call it The Scorpion. They were my engine project since February 2009 and came to a head (completed) on 8/30/2010 when I saw the numbers line up -irresistibly- as =>

Hope you like them!

There is an "intro page" at because it is JUST GRAVITY to all of us eh? And yet not just gravity either. It can power YOUR HOME just by gearing a small electric generator to the axle's torque.

8-30-20-10 I haven't been the same since I began calling myself => The CloudSeeder, Bringin' the Spring rain in February 2009 at the start of my 18-month quest to make gravity energy for all people on earth. And Canada.

Your friend Woodrow Riley, inventor & discoverer of Imitation Energy plus the circular motion laws that defeat both Entropy and the "Three Thermodynamic Laws". Cloud Seeder was a takeoff on Johnny Appleseed at first but it is also found in the Bible @Proverbs 16 vs 15 anyone wants to look it up!

riley said...

Ocean Energy. This past month has been a whirlwind of Discovery no one man should shoulder alone. The Gravity Wheels are solved. I saw how to employ an "upside down pendulum" that falls forward and also slides on a rail at the same time.If you Google upside down pendulum and San Diego Forums you should find a picture of it.

It's truly awesome.

And while building it and another one I focused on it but it turned out later the other one does something powerful and 100% unexpected on my part. No pics yet. But then after that an idea occurred to me of a total new energy source that has been hidden from mankind longer than men & women have been on earth. It was there when the dinosaurs walked the earth. Before dinosaurs it was there.

And now I know what it is. It is so awesome but I am not decided what to do with it because every time I release ow to make a new engine system someone always manages to steal it and take credit for it. I will tell you folks news of a great joy come to us all, of an energy source that so completely does away with needing crude oil combustion engines it has to be from God, made for us when the planet was just being formed, an integral part of His providing for us before ever making us.

So here is what I advise, and I know there is much PAIN overseas in Europe, in France and Spain, and in Canada, but friends this is a time to trust Jesus, trust in Jesus because he has given me this monumental insight. Insights. The very floodgates of knowledge have been given me to understand and WE LIVE IN A PARADISE beyond any of you have imagined exists.

There is no "Energy Shortage". God has provided from long ago. When the time comes for me to make this things fully known you won't need this blog to hear of it. We are the blessed of Creation!

Woodrow Riley, CloudSeeder