Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Peak Oil?

I have to admit to being confused, ignorant and surprised about, of and by this theory I just read about for the first time, the abiotic (or abiogenic) origins of oil. In a nutshell, this is a theory propounded by Soviet/Ukrainian scientists that holds that oil is produced within the Earth's mantle. My first thought was "hold on, there's an alternate theory to where oil comes from? Wait, what is our theory? Something to do with dinosaurs if I remember right." Sure enough, I was sorta right, our current theory in the west is that oil reserves are the product of the compression and heating of ancient organic materials over geological time, thus the term fossil fuels. Well, in case you missed it, this is just a theory, like gravity and evolution (yes, both just theories too). Unfortunately, instead of looking at this theory objectively, it seems as thought the west has reacted in knee-jerk fashion, dismissing it out of hand, describing it as crazy. But really, is it?

Here's the thing. Even if you don't understand the science, which I don't, the scientific evidence of it at least being possible has been piling piling up. The science, quickly, states that oil is continuously generated by natural processes in the Earth's magma. The scientific proof seems to lie in the fact that its proponents claim that it is consistent with the law of thermodynamics, whereas the organic theory is not. So, why have we in the west never heard of this theory? Various abiogenic hypotheses were first proposed after advances in science in the nineteenth century, most notably by Alexander von Humboldt, the Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev and the French chemist Marcellin Berthelot. While the theory did then lose ground to the idea of oil as a fossil fuel, it was once again championed by Russian and Soviet scientists in the 2nd half of the 20th century.

Following WWII, Stalin had of course realized the strategic importance of oil and, lacking in domestic supplies, threw his country into what has been described as a "Manhatten Project" of oil research. Between 1951 and 2001 thousands of articles were published in mainstream Russian scientific journals on the modern Russian-Ukrainian theory of deep, abiotic petroleum origins, almost completely unheard of in the West. Nikolai Alexandrovich Kudryavtsev is generally credited with first enunciated the theory, but to much of the west, it was first introduced by Thomas Gold. There is much debate about whether he plagiarized the Russian findings or changed them or found his own ideas, but he convinced the Swedish Government in the1990's that oil could be found everywhere in the planet, but more specifically by drilling in an ancient meteorite crater, into fractured granite under the Siljan Ring, in Sweden. For this, two deep wells were drilled and millions of dollars were thrown in the deep earth granite. No hydrocarbon was found and again the abiogenic hypothesis was discredited for the moment.

However today's high oil prices have reignited the debate it seems. Now, it's no secret that I'm no fan of oil, big oil and the God Car society that has been created around it, but the theory of peak oil particularly aggravates me. The belief in oil as a fossil based product with a finite supply has created a market that is holding the world hostage to big oil companies. Of late, much anecdotal evidence has emerged to support the abiotic theory, not the least of which is the fact that Russia, which was thought to have few reserves only 50 years ago, today is the world's leading oil producer. NASA studies have proven that the methane reserves on Saturn's moon Titan are of a non-biologic origin. A study in Science Magazine published earlier this year claimed that hydrogen-rich fluids venting at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in the Lost City Hydrothermal Field were produced by the abiotic synthesis of hydrocarbons in the mantle of the earth.

The implications are mind-boggling, both good and bad. The good would be the end of big oil and their lackeys Dick Cheney et al. The bad, well, we've got a near inexhaustible supply of the black stuff to ensure the continuation of the God Car era to seal the planets doom. Prices would crash, BP, ExxonMobile and the rest would go bankrupt, the dollar worthless. Of course if it does prove true, Russia has a huge head start and it's possible they've already shared their secret with the Vietnamese, while the Chinese and North Koreans are lining up. In 2003 Putin made any information revealing the exact amount of supply, reserves, production, and the actual use of strategic types of minerals of the Russian Federation a State secret. Could there be a giant secret behind all the Russian oil companies' intrigue with the government or foreign companies such as BP these past few years? There's no secret as to why such a theory would be hidden from the world, how I do love a conspiracy theory.


riley said...

You didn't know crude oil is a work in progress? Gee, I coulda told ya that. I thought it was common knowledge. Someone had told me about a year ago. I wouldn't let it bother you tho. Just because we all KNOW you don't get something from nothing and that the next fact of consequence to follow is therefor that the oil being produced is continuously reducing the distance between the EARTH'S CORE and Mankind...

Nothing to see here Shane; move along. Hmm. Well, wait a minute => maybe you should be concerned. Because if the retarded oil companies keep sucking the oil UP it keeps a soda straw stuck in moving the oil out of the way real-time as it is being produced, making the ground underneath our feet turn into oil faster... reducing the distance between us and Earth's core even faster. Maybe we won't hafta pay for the movie tickets. Maybe we'll be the next dinosaurs. I bet human fat will make some Great Fossil Fuel for the next try at Homo Sapiens then. hahahaha

So, Moriarty, what ya think a that?

Moriarty: Well, Inspector Riley Holmes, I would have to say the sky is not falling; it's the ground that is rising.

Riley Holmes said: Yes, Moriarty, you could say that.

Narrator: I would only add one thing: Checkmate (http://tinyurl.com/4ntz2p) and pass the h2o~steam engines.

riley said...

From an Evolutionary point of view I offer a little more, a plausible explanation of why no one finds any evidence of Man back beyond a certain point in Earth history:

I put a webpage online 06/06/2006 where I explained how the reason no archaeologists have found any evidence of previous civilizations before us could be evidence of a recurring re-processing of Earth's resources and metals. I'll explain so there's no need to look it up: Each time this world produced an intelligent species they could have risen to their own "Industrial Age" ~as we have~ and gotten similarly stuck and mired in using Crude Oil like there was no tomorrow.

A worldwide type of La Brea tar pits, like we are quite locked into right now just with dollar signs. So when these great industrialists drove the previous expressions of civilized people to the brink of world extinction of all species, as they have done us once again, the sky did not fall. The ground rose up and swallowed them. The depletion of crude oil shortened the distance between their cars & buildings relative to the Earth's core til one day all the upper ground was liquified from the bottom and flipped, much the same way the water in a pond will flip not long after the seasons change => the water on top becoming colder than the water beneath the surface.

So too it would have happened that the underground of planet Earth would be Warmer than the surface and do a flip maneuver. Kind of the same way a farmer tills under the old plants and stems to refertilize the soil for next year's planting. This realization of 6/6/6 is just another example of how Mankind has actually set in place a number of Armageddon-level deathtraps that are now coming true. There is actually about 4 or 5 of them in total. Anyone wants to read more in depth => http://tinyurl.com/3ledr7 > just check over to the upper right on that link.

Manmade Armageddons are a lot worse than the Armageddon of the Bible: it has survivors (Rev. 7:14).

riley said...

Needless to say, but I guess I should, that it's in our common interest to stop drilling Crude Oil from the ground right now => http://tinyurl.com/4rdo8t .

As far as what Shane wrote about the Russians coming up with some new way to extract more oil it wouldn't surprise me to learn they're piping superheated nuclear wastewater down into the ground and speeding up the aging process. Not too bright on the olde IQ Meter, but no doubt very effective. It's a bit like driving with your eyes closed though. Or like we do here in the US, just watch the next few feet in front of the car.

riley said...

Hmm. I imagine the Russians must be hopping up & down back-slapping one another over how smart they are... getting rid of the nuclear waste water and pumping more & more oil up from the ground.

My opinion for whatever it's worth is that this is a really good time to find our knees on the floor and saying prayers because the industrial machine running this show thinks bloggers are a bunch of whiners and people on the Internet are being kept busy viewing porn and nothing else. Can anyone spell D-I-S-R-E-S-P-E-C-T ? Be that as it may, the Bible foretold a time when Merchants would be running the world. Hmm; global merchants. Old John boy writing Revelation sure knew the Order of Future Priorities => Merchants followed by Armageddon.

But then again you have old Nostradamus there in the 16th century saying some guy called "One male" would figure in there too. No doubt he's just some fool ranting on blogs by now, perhaps writing about some zero pollution engine systems world governments are stalling off because they don't generate enough bottom line to keep the global-brain merchants cash drawers stuffed full.

Well, hmm, if the ground turns into liquid magma I guess we really did go to hell. We sent ourselves there by our actions. How biblical. Oops, gotta go now. There's a plethora of new oil company and natural gas commercials on TV... pounding the message during election time to choose the right candidate.

hahahahaha Buy Oil. Don't venture away from the herd either.

riley said...

So while we're waiting for the big kersplash in molten metals and gold purification of all humans to commence I could add that those trillions of barrels of oil and natural gas under the ground well THEY MIGHT BE THERE FOR A PURPOSE. The oil provides lubrication between all that stuff below us that we would rather not ever come in contact with while the natural gas no doubt serves as a buffer, crawl space of some necessity or other.

If all that oil has been there with the NRG gas like they say it has *for billions of years* then maybe the continued existence of this planet would be served better if we backed away from the table and tried something else. But we won't so thank goodness there is a God Almighty about to send his son. He will be riding in soon with angels and fix it for us eh? Possibly tho they might first do the decent thing and send an ambassador ahead to warn people oops... that would be a like a prophet; and all us enlightened smart people know prophets don't exist. That's just old folktales, stories told around campfires of our parents, the Neanderthals.

Shane makes some very interesting points on his homepage though. One thing's for darn sure, I'll never in a million years convince everyone on this capsized-almost ship they're going the wrong way (using the wrong definition of Energy). Snorkeling anyone?

riley said...

The ground doing a solid matter lake inversion flip is a stretch. I've posted over 5 times today on Thomas L. Friedman's blog and told everybody how to stop cancer and fix their homes to save 75% of current electrical usage. Over 100% once you add a combo Wind-Solar system integrated into the one system of course, enough to send excess power from most every home back into the Main Power Grid... enough excess electric power no one needs to build any FORTY-FIVE NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS IN AMERICA.

http://tinyurl.com/5dxo9a Your ball, Shane. Make it count. Put your arm into it this time.

riley said...

My apologies to anyone who has followed the previous tinyurl link. I posted some extremely revealing information on Thomas Friedman's blog and it seems he or his people didn't like so much cutting edge information so they erased all my posts.

I went real deep into how my circularly-replenishing engine systems work and also just plain threw too many long balls in some other areas political & religious. It was the truth and they just couldn't handle that much truth. I had saved all my posts so they haven't done me any lasting damage but I didn't want anyone on Shane's website to be getting disappointed or anything. I'm not sure if or when I will release the information as yet... but if I did I would put a link on this page => www. newpath4.com/pdflistfor2008.htm

Which I think you should visit ASAP because I wrote a 5-page pdf about both preventing and stopping cancer and many other diseases and disease-causing organisms. The link is on that page along with my engine pages or you can cut straight to the chase http://tinyurl.com/6k2wkd ... the information there also has relevance to weight loss.

I wanted to mention that hits to my website from France doubled yesterday and I almost jumped out of my chair. I had 90 hits from France. It's good to see so many smart people finding my information. Congratulations are in order.


riley said...

At least to my knowledge there aren't any French chefs serving WORMS. I spent yesterday contemplating the present plight of all MANKIND and after much contemplation I decided we are all living lives little better than worms.

So there wasn't anything left to do but write a 2-page pdf about how it feels like being a worm. Enjoy the fruits of my labor =>

http://tinyurl.com/6btarx .
But I also gave plenty of my opinions about how to stop living like a worm too! Yep. We can stop being worms. It involves followiing Senator John McCain's advice to Stand up. Stand up! Stand up and Fight! because after all, a worm can't stand up so if we stand up then no one will mistake us for worms! It just doesn't get any simpler than that.

But we have to be careful who we stand up beside. If, say, we were in a crowd of Country Music haters and stood up when they stood up... hmm. 6btarx addresses mini-nuclear town-siz backyard nukes altho, hmm, I suppose if we blew up the worms then we could sit back down. Whew. Looks like I need to spend today contemplating the value of killing all worms.

riley said...

I suppose I should redeem myself on Shane's boards by hmm, doing something nice for all of Europe and every homeowner in America. Hmm, I should help everybody in Australia too. How about if I tell ya how to turn your home water heater into a Pre-Heater => => http://tinyurl.com/6kafxx ?

saving $30.00 a month, $360 a year or so. Hmm, that's too much redemption. Oh well, when it rains it pours. Maybe before the End comes we can all learn to just get along: Riley,

the CloudSeeder of Virginia.