Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why the West Coast should fall in the Pacific

Quick thought. I'm a huge NFL football fan ( my picks are the Ravens, Steelers, Panthers and the Eagles this weekend). If the PST (and PDT for half the year), were to fall into the ocean due to an earthquake or something, games would be broadcast a couple hours earlier (I think the network would ignore mountain time to take more advantage of the east).

Defensive struggle, Ravens by a field goal. Cardinals in the playoffs? Craziness ends in the divisional round, but this is the highest scoring game of the weekend, an over lock as the Panthers win with a couple of Steve Smith TD's in a 40 to 31 game. Steelers will survive the frozen Heinz Field but the Chargers have caused the biggest chatter this week. Sproles can't repeat his LT replacement wonder of last week and 'Fast' Willie Parker (best nickname for a running back) outshines him. I also have a good feel about the Eagles to take care of the defending Super Bowl champ Giants. They killed my Cowboys coming into the playoffs and knocked Adrian Peterson and the Vikings out last week in the wildcard round.

Back to my original point, if LA, Ca and Victoria BC (sorry guys) were to fall in the sea, American national broadcasts would be on at least an hour earlier and these Saturday playoff games are starting late, especially out here in central Europe. Poland is in the same time zone as Spain, but it's still 6 hours after American eastern time. The starts are 10:30 pm and 2:15 am for me; I was up until 6 am last Saturday watching the Charger overtime win over the Colts, the game NBC won the ratings race with last week. Even if you didn't understand anything between the earthquake paragraphs, ratings are forcing me to stay awake later, greed ruins everything, even my sleep!


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